OnePlus 11 – What to Expect

The Oneplus 10 pro was a phone that delivered as expected, and we are already excited to see what the OnePlus 11 will be bringing in 2023 – even though we are not expecting it to launch for a very long time.

OnePlus 11

This device is likely going to be the OnePlus phone of the year, though we are to be expecting a lot of entries to the company’s Nord line in the meantime. It would likely become one of the best Android Phones that the year would produce, going by the last few entries in the family, though we would be observing the year.

We are yet to hear rumors about the OnePlus 11 so far. TechRadar has created a wish list that entails details of the One Plus 11 and what to expect.

OnePlus 11 Price and availability

Going by the precedent, we are likely to see the OnePlus 11 Family debut in the first few months of the year – may be staggered by the region, like the OnePlus 10 Pro was, but hopefully at one big launch event, like the previous phones of the company.

It really hard to presume how much the price of the phone would be, and that is because there wasn’t a standard OnePlus 10, with a premium-but-not-super-premium price.

So we get to make a great guess at the OnePlus 11 Pro’s Price – it is expected to cost around $899 / £799 (roughly AU$1,400), which is about how much its predecessor sets you back.  If a non-pro device launches, it would be a bit cheaper.

OnePlus 11: What to Expect

After Testing the Oneplus 10 pro and other handsets from the company and the much wider Android world, here are some of the changes that we should be expecting from the OnePlus 11.

A Non-Pro Version

Is the OnePlus 10 Pro really ‘Pro’ if there is no standard version? No, not really we would say – but for some reason, the only flagship phone of 2022 had that suffix.

Since there’s only one phone in the family, OnePlus only get to put out a handset at a certain price tag. This simply means that people that are looking for a more affordable alternative, or super-premium version, do not have anything to purchase.

Charging Equality

The Oneplus 10 Pro cam with a lovely 80W fast charging, ensuring the device could go from 0% to 100% in minutes.

We would prefer to see a charging speed that is equal to the Oneplus 11, so people that are based in the US would not be getting an inferior phone.

Zoom Camera

The Oneplus 10 pro did not register as the best zooming phone when it comes to photography – its 3.3x telephoto lens would enable you to zoom further than some similar-priced rivals that we do like seeing ‘Pro’ devices that get you 5x or even 10x further away.


These are just what to expect According to TechRadar, and since no details concerning the device are out yet, we can only hope that Oneplus surprises us as they did with the Oneplus 10.


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