Nvidia May Be Retreating From the Budget GPU Market

Nvidia may be retreating from the budget GPU market and leaving it to Intel and AMD. The company is rumored to be dropping two cheap GPUs, the RTX 2060 and GTX 1660.

Nvidia May Be Retreating From the Budget GPU Market

Nvidia May Be Retreating From the Budget GPU Market

If anything about the grapevine is to be believed, then Nvidia may be putting a stop to manufacturing some of its key affordable GPUs.

Well, this is coming from Chinese website IT Home which is of course not top of our list of reliable and trusted sources as you should know. With that being said, you should add a bit more than the normal amount of salt to his one just as Wccftech spotted. The rumor however from sources in the supply chain is that the company is hitting a pause on the production of all of the RTX 2060 and 1660 models.

What Does This Development from Nvidia Means?

This simply means that the RTX 2060 and its super version, and the GTX 1660 plus its Ti and super variants, are in theory no more in production, except for whatever it is in regards to stock that might be floating around and left to sell through.

And just as pointed out by IT Homes, in regards to more affordable Nvidia graphics cards, that just leaves the GTX 1650 and 1630 holding down the fort at the cheap end of the GPU market, and of course, as you should know, the latter model is a wonky low-end offering from the company, to say the least.


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