November Update For Google Pixel Phones Should Reportedly Fix the Multi-User Bug Issue

November update for Google Pixel phones should reportedly fix the multi-user bug issue on Android 14. The fix is now in and it is arriving now, and with that, it should squash the really unpleasant bug for people and users with multiple-user profiles.

November Update For Google Pixel

November Update For Google Pixel

Google’s November update should be coming anytime now to Pixel phones, and in the process providing some relief for a critical bug that is affecting people and users with multiple user profiles on their smartphone devices.

The update in question which was spotted by 9to5Google reportedly contains a fix for a problem “occasionally causing devices with multiple users enabled to show out of space or be in a reboot loop,” which was as you should know affecting Pixel 6 phones and later that are running Android 14. The update in question will begin arriving on Pixel phones starting today, with the said rollout continuing all through the coming week.

What You Need To Know About the Reported Bug

This particular bug in question was a very nasty one. And in some cases, people were unable to get access to their media storage, while others in question were entirely shut out of their phones in a boot cycle that reportedly required a factory device reset. For people with the former problem, on the other hand, it looks like this very update should restore access to the media of the device.

The news as you should know is mixed for people with a phone that is stuck in a reboot cycle. An update in the previous week mentioned that the said fix Google was working on “may not enable data to be recovered for devices that are repeatedly rebooting.” You will however be able to make use of your phone again, but hopefully, you backed up your data!

Pixel Phones Affected By the Bug

The reported bug affected Pixel phones with many user profiles, which Google has stated is inclusive of child users, guests, and even restricted profiles. It however did not affect people who are running multiple Google accounts as the primary user on a device which is something that is really good because my Pixel 8 review units are both logged into my work as well as personal Gmail accounts. And as such, it really doesn’t seem that the issue was widespread, but it was however a real pain in the buns for affected users.

Google’s Advice to Affected Users

As of the previous week, Google reportedly advised anyone with a Pixel phone that is running Android 14 not to create or even log into another user profile. And with the update of today, that is probably safe to do right now, just, you know, back up your data just before you go ahead with it. Just in case.



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