NOVA Media Fellowship Program 2023 up to $105,000 Awards – APPLY NOW!

The NOVA Media Fellowship Program 2023 is an exceptional opportunity for journalists to delve into the realm of health and well-being and create impactful media projects.

NOVA Media Fellowship Program
NOVA Media Fellowship Program

This prestigious program supports print, broadcast, and digital journalists who seek to immerse themselves in the health field and produce compelling content that acknowledges and explores the many factors contributing to well-being, disease prevention, healing, and personal growth.

NOVA Media Fellowship Program 2023 Details

In an era where health-related issues have become increasingly significant, the NOVA Media Fellowship Program offers journalists a unique platform to make a lasting impact. By dedicating their time and resources to researching, writing, and speaking about crucial health topics, Media Fellows can shed light on diverse aspects of well-being and promote a holistic understanding of health.

The NOVA Media Fellowship Program is designed to provide recipients with the necessary time, space, and resources to create in-depth media projects. Media Fellows embark on a year-long journey, enabling them to undertake their projects comprehensively and creatively.

To maximize their dedication, the program strongly encourages Fellows to take a leave of absence from their current employment during the fellowship period. Projects typically commence in the fall of 2023, with a flexible start date no later than December 1, allowing for individual Fellow preferences.

Benefits of the NOVA Media Fellowship

The NOVA Media Fellowship provides the following benefits to participants:

  • Upon being selected as a NOVA Media Fellow, recipients receive a substantial award of $105,000, distributed over a period of 12 months. This all-inclusive grant aims to cover various aspects, including living expenses, project-related costs, travel expenses, conference fees, and health insurance.
  • Additionally, the program sponsors Fellows’ participation in Nova Institute-organized meetings, workshops, and events. However, the fellowship does not provide funding for academic enrollment or non-degree study at educational institutions.

Projects and Impact

The NOVA Media Fellowship Program encourages Fellows to undertake projects that significantly contribute to the field of health journalism.

Through their work, Media Fellows have the opportunity to raise awareness, challenge conventional narratives, and inspire meaningful change.

By exploring diverse perspectives, uncovering groundbreaking research, and telling compelling stories, Fellows can foster a broader understanding of health and well-being among audiences worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria for NOVA Media Fellowship

To apply for the NOVA Media Fellowship Program, aspiring journalists must meet specific eligibility criteria. These include:

  • Applicants are expected to be full-time practicing journalists with records of broadcast in both local, regional, or national markets.
  • The Journalists must have relevant full-time experience.
  • The 2023 edition of the Media awards program is only accessible or open to applications from U.S. based journalists
  • Applications are encouraged from individuals of any race including women and historically marginalized communities.
  • Successful Media Fellowship Participants must be able to devote at least 35 hours per week to the proposed project, and the project should be the Fellow’s only full-time work during the fellowship term.

How to Apply for NOVA Media Fellowship Program 2023

To apply for the NOVA Media Fellowship Program, aspiring journalists must meet the above specific eligibility criteria and then submit their application:

  • Application typically involves submitting the following documents: a written proposal, resume, recommenders, and work samples.
  • All applications are to be sent via mail on or before July 5, 2023.
  • Subsequently, up to 4 to 6 finalists will be chosen from the list of applicants, after which the Organization will request confidential letters from the three individuals
  • Finalists will be required to submit additional information or materials to respond to questions raised by their application or interview.
  • For more details, visit the official website on:


The NOVA Media Fellowship Program 2023 is an unparalleled opportunity for journalists to immerse themselves in the health field and create impactful media projects. By supporting recipients in their pursuit of comprehensive research, writing, and speaking engagements, the program empowers journalists to make a significant difference in promoting well-being, preventing disease, and contributing to the advancement.

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