Apple Watch Video: How To Watch Videos On Apple Watches

What is ‘apple watch video? Well, that question will be answered in the course of this article, but before I delve into that, there is something I would like to bring to your notice. Well if you are a good or ardent surfer rather of the internet, then you should have noticed that a lot of people, users mostly apple watch users have been asking a specific question. And now what is this question? They all want to know how they can watch videos on their apple watches or if it’s even possible. But one might suspect that with the hype and all surrounding apple watches, this shouldn’t be a question. Apple watch owners and users might even tell you that their watches may even have a secret sniper app and you would believe. That’s just how hyped the device is.

Apple Watch Video

Apple Watch Video

Personally, I don’t have an apple watch device. And ordinarily, I never thought that there really is something or anything that the watch couldn’t do. So when I started coming across these questions online I had two things on my mind. It was either users were unable to watch videos on it or it’s just that they actually could watch videos on it, but it’s just that they don’t know how to go about it or get started with it. But when you get a new device, you are being instructed by the manufacturer on how to use the device. Also, you will be let known the things that can be done with the device. If this is true, then why the questions by apple watch owners? Well, that’s not the case; continue reading to find out if you could actually watch videos on your apple watch.

This curiosity however made me embark on a journey to actually find out if it really is true and guess what? Well, my findings are going to throw you off your pouch. When it comes to the apple watch device, users cannot watch videos and it is quite unfortunate. Is there any way or format through which users can watch or stream videos then? No there is not one. There is no YouTube app or any other type of video streaming app on this device, to begin with, and the device is not built for this purpose. But however, there is one way in which users could watch videos via their apple watches. And in a bit, I would be unveiling this secret to you.

How To Watch Videos On Apple Watches

You can only watch videos on your apple watch as long as it is embedded in a text or sent via messages, SMS, or iMessage. To watch a video on your apple watch;

  • When you receive a message containing the video, tap on the video thumbnail.
  • The video will start playing.
  • To pause the video, tap on the screen and that’s it.
  • To adjust the volume of the video, make use of the digital crown.
  • And lastly, when you are done with the video, like finished watching, tap the done tab.

If you would love to watch the video again, you can return to the message anytime. If the video is sent in link form as a message, you cannot stream or watch the video. You can also send yourself the video as a message to watch a video on your apple watch.


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