Northeastern University Acceptance Rate 2023 | NEU Requirement For Acceptance

It comes as no surprise that getting into a respectable college is a considerable barrier for students. Given the increase in college applications, students are likely to be curious about Northeastern University’s current acceptance rate. The growing number of candidates has made it more difficult to gain admission to prestigious universities.

Northeastern University Acceptance Rate

Northeastern University had overpopulation issues with its 2025 graduating class. As a result, the university reduced admissions significantly, resulting in a considerable drop in acceptance rate, which today stands at 6.7%.

This shift is visible in the university’s acceptance rate, which has dropped from 28% to 6.7%. This transition does not necessarily imply a significant decrease in the number of accepted applicants; rather, it highlights the massive influx of applications received each year.

About Northeastern University

Northeastern University (NU) is a private research institution based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was formed in 1898 as an all-male institute by the Boston Young Men’s Christian Association before being incorporated as Northeastern College in 1916 and acquiring university status in 1922. Northeastern is one of the major institutions in Massachusetts, with about 36,000 students.

Northeastern University – Acceptance Rate

The university’s acceptance rate has dropped drastically in recent years, falling from 20% in 2020 and 2021. This severe decrease points out the rate’s contraction by more than half, which is due to an increase in applications.

Northeastern University now has a remarkably low acceptance rate of 6.7% and 33.1 for international students indicating a significant drop. While Northeastern has grown in popularity, it has never been considered an exceptional college.

NEU Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The early decision acceptance rate is an important consideration for prospective Northeastern applicants. Making an early decision could increase their prospects of admission to the university.

Northeastern currently has a 38% early decision acceptance rate. This acceptance rate consistently exceeds the institution’s standard acceptance rate, giving prospective students a better opportunity during the application process.

NEU – SAT, ACT, GPA, And class Rank

  • SAT: Northeastern University’s average SAT score is 1435, with half of admitted students having SAT scores ranging from 1410 to 1540. The top 25% of admitted students have SAT scores higher than 1540, while the bottom 25% have SAT scores lower than 1410.
  • ACT: Half of the admitted students to Northeastern University had ACT scores ranging from 31 to 34. The top 25% of admitted students had an ACT score greater than 34. The ACT score of the worst 25% of admitted students is less than 31.
  • GPA: The minimum qualification for consideration at Northeastern is a GPA of 4.04. However, it’s worth noting that a sizable proportion of admitted students have GPAs ranging from 4.1 to 4.5.
  • Class Rank: 77% of Class of 2026 students graduated in the top decile of their high school class, and 95% graduated in the top quartile.

NEU Requirement For Acceptance

Applicants must possess  the following in order to fit in:

  • Standardized test policy for classes entering in the autumn.
  • Secondary school counselor and teacher recommendations.
  • English proficiency must be proved in order to be accepted.
  • Transcripts from secondary school, including final junior-year grades.
  • international students must complete the Declaration and Certification of Finances, which may be downloaded and submitted through the Application Status Check.
  • Portfolios are compulsory for studio art majors and strongly encouraged for all other majors in the College of Arts, Media, and Design.
  • A well-structured Essay

Application Tips

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