Northeastern University Libraries – Services That Northeastern University Libraries Offers

The Northeastern University Library has always been there for the community of Northeastern, making resources and services, and spaces available for book learning and exploration or research, and being quick to respond to what is happening in the world. While the coronavirus may be novel, today is no different.

Northeastern University Libraries

The Library’s Special Collections and Archives hold the historical records and publications of Northeastern University and the unique resources that help to preserve the history of Boston’s social movements, its natural environments, neighborhoods, and public infrastructure.

They have staff available that is ready to help out wherever you may be, and they also have expanded their programs and collections to address not only the challenge of Covid-19 but the unfair inequities that continue to spate society.

Northeastern University Libraries

The Northeastern University Library is responsible for serving the entire Northeastern University community in Boston, across the global campus network, and online. The Library provides collections and services supporting research and teaching across disciplines.

The university library provides different services and collections that support teaching and research across each discipline. The collections are extensive alongside large proportions that are available digitally.

Services That Northeastern University Libraries Offers

Below are some of the services offered by the Northeastern University;

  • They offer both online and on-site research help
  • They have available a 24/7 chat with a reference librarian
  • Each subject has a specialist librarian who gives an in-depth consultation and research support for each academic program in the university
  • They also have an interlibrary loan system that readily offers you materials that are not available at the university.
  • The library assists students by supporting the unique needs of graduates that are doing research and publishing, through services like citation management workshops, digital and scholarship services, and research data support.
  • They have individual study rooms for graduates
  • They also provide a high level of media creation and editing capabilities.

Onsite Collections of Northeastern University

Online Collections of the Northeastern University

  • A large print and media collection of approximately one million volumes
  • An S. Government Documents Depository Collection of a few hundred thousand documents, mostly online.
  • The University Libraries are a member of the Boston Library Consortium, a group of local and regional academic libraries with a collective collection of over 35 million volumes.  With a BLC Card, one may borrow directly from member institutions.
  • The library does not generally purchase textbooks.  However, faculties are invited to place personal copies of textbooks used in courses on reserve for their students to use on-site.

You can get more details on the services that the northeastern university offers here.

The Library Physical Facilities

The physical facilities at then Northeastern University;

  • Digital Media Commons and Studio.  (Digital work environment.  Book training sessions with a Digital Media Librarian.  Contact Debra Mandelto reserve a space or schedule a training session)
  • Classrooms 202 and 203 SL (please contact Tricia Reinhart at x4970 for scheduling).

The Northeastern University has a well-equipped library that’s even rated as one of the best universities in the whole of Boston. You can get more details about the library, by clicking here.


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