San Diego County Small Business Stimulus Grant

If you are operating a small business all a non-profit organization and you have suffered considerable losses due to the coronavirus pandemic you might be eligible for a grant. Today we take a look at the San Diego county small business stimulus Grant that is still being granted to applicants. Since 2019 when the coronavirus devastation reached its peak so many grants have been coming to small businesses.

San Diego County Small Business Stimulus Grant

Our focus for today is the San Diego county small business team owners grant for all small businesses and non-profit organizations in San Diego. We are going to be taking a look at who is eligible how to apply and everything you need to know to get granted.

San Diego County Small Business Stimulus Grant

If your business was seriously affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and you have suffered losses you might just be eligible for a loan. There is Economic Assistance for San Diego Businesses Affected by COVID-19 for small businesses in San Diego. The San Diego county stimulus check is being funded by the Board of Supervisors allocated federal CARES Act funding and County General Fund.

Its sole purpose is to provide relief and economic assistance to help businesses and nonprofit entities impacted by COVID-19. All eligible small businesses and non-profit organizations will be provided with financial assistance as a result of this stimulus Grant.

There is $4,175,000 in funding to the County of San Diego for the Microbusiness COVID-19 Relief Grant Program for post-pandemic relief. Is small business or non-profit organization owners expected to have at least $2500 as Relief Fund to help with expenses post covid-19.

Small Business Grant San Diego

The purpose of this fund is simply to help business owners with the expenses of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. So small businesses in San Diego are expected to contact San Diego & Imperial SBDC for help with identifying available resources and applying for COVID-19 relief. To help them identify all available resources in order to properly apply for the San Diego Grant for small businesses.

Small business development centers (SBDC) are a big part of the California Network of Small Business Technical Assistance Centers. Their work is to provide offer various small business relief grants to help relieve small businesses of the financial expenses caused by Coronavirus.

Who is eligible for the San Diego County Grants

All micro-businesses and small businesses are eligible to apply for this grant. Also, all profit and non-profit organizations that have more can apply. That is not all as they are other eligibility criteria that I have listed below to be met before you can be granted:

  • Businesses with not more than 5 employees operating since 2019.
  • Gross revenue under 50,000 dollars 2019.
  • Should have been In operation before December 1, 2019, and still be in operation in 2022.
  • Must demonstrate a decline as a result of the covenant in a pandemic.
  • Must the operating within San Diego county.
  • Proof of revenue with a 990 filing and current registration will be required
  • Did not receive funding from the California Relief Grant (administered by Lendistry).


You need to apply to be able to receive the small business stimulus grand for San Diego county. However, you have seen from the above details that you need to be eligible first before considering applying. If you are eligible what you have to do now is to have some documents with you wish we need in applying. These documents are listed below:

  • Government Issued Photo ID (e.g. Drivers License, Passport, Green Card, or even foreign ID issued by a governmental entity)
  • Signed IRS Form W-9
  • Local business permit or license (recommended)

When these things are ready head over to the application process below:

Grant for Small Business

There are so many stimulus grants for small businesses across the United States of America. most of the stimulus grants are divided county by county. For you to have access to any of these county grants you simply need to have your business established in any of them.

Now that the world is slowly recovering from the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic government small business grants are rampant. It is less for you to keep an eye out for any of these grants in your county to help with your business expenses post covid-19.



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