Nintendo has Now Selected an April Shutdown Date for 3DS And Wii U Online Play   

Nintendo has now selected an April shutdown date for 3DS and Wii U online play. And if it is that your eShop account still has funds on it, the said deadline for users to move over to a Nintendo Account has been set in March.

Nintendo April Shutdown Date for 3DS and Wii U Online Play

Nintendo April Shutdown Date for 3DS and Wii U Online Play

The final date and time for the discontinuation of online services for Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U software has been officially set. On April 8th, 2024, at 4 PM PT (7 PM ET), these services will cease. For users in Japan, this translates to 9 AM on the morning of April 9th.

Owners of these systems should be aware of important information highlighted on a Nintendo support page. Specifically, if you have a remaining eShop balance associated with your Nintendo Network ID, you must take action by March 11th, 10 PM PT. The required action is to link your existing eShop wallet to a Nintendo Account. This will allow you to utilize these funds for purchases related to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Account Linking Option

It’s important to note that this account linking option is available even to those who do not currently own a Nintendo Switch. By creating a Nintendo Account, users can merge their eShop funds for future use.

Nintendo’s Plan for Discontinuing Certain Services in Spring

Several months ago, Nintendo disclosed its plans for ceasing certain services in spring, while clarifying the ongoing availability of StreetPass, Pokémon Bank, and Poké Transporter for users. However, they confirmed that SpotPass services and the Nintendo Badge Arcade would be permanently discontinued.

Reflecting on this, it’s noteworthy that the Wii U, which only achieved sales of approximately 13 million, was significantly outperformed by the Nintendo 3DS. The latter, launching in 2010 and ending production in 2020, saw a robust 75 million units sold.

Essential Features Will Remain Accessible According To Nintendo

Reiterating their statement from last autumn, Nintendo assures that despite the shutdown ending various online functionalities like multiplayer gaming, leaderboards, and certain data services, essential features will remain accessible. Specifically, Nintendo eShop will continue to allow the downloading of updates and the re-downloading of previously purchased games and downloadable content for an indefinite period.



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