Musical u – What Does Musical U Do?

The pioneers of this amazing platform have defined it as a website and a community that was dedicated to helping people become more musical, providing them everything they need to reach their full musical potential. Musical u is a music education platform that has so many instructional videos, tests, and a wider community of musicians to interact with. To know more about musical u, read this article to the very end.

Musical u

Musical U Review

The Musical U platform is run by Christopher Sutton and a team around him. The goal of this platform is to aid you in becoming the best musician you can be, to bring out the best from every musical.

What Does Musical U Do?

Musical U provides a lot of value for its customers. It provides a large number of instructional content for a little monthly stipend. The aim of musical u is to be able to teach new musicians how to develop their ears, their sense of time, and so much more about their musical senses and knowledge. They cover a range of wider topics which aids musicians in increasing their musicality.

The musical u online platform can be accessed on www.Musical or on their mobile app. They also have a fantastic podcast, ‘Musicality Now’ which gives customers or musicians great insight and information to become better musicians.

Not everyone was blessed with a perfect pitch like Charlie Puth. Therefore, Musical U has very fantastic lessons and software that helps you develop relative pitch, interval training, and so on. Therefore, what separates Musical from the competition is that, unlike other online music courses, it has a personalized plan that is specifically designed to help YOU improve and offers a full support network in your learning. Musical U is dedicated to seeing you produce the best result.

Musical U Apps

One thing that makes the platform generally acceptable is that coupled with all the loaded contents they have, they still have an application. The Musical U app allows you to bring your learning on the move with you with a very good user interface.  This means you can practice your pitch training exercises even in odd places like on the train to work. It also means that if you spend a weekend without your instrument, you can still find a way to improve your musicality.

With musical U, you can also download training MP3s so you can access them and do your training offline.

Apart from the Musical U application, they also have other apps that can aid you to develop your music to the highest levels.

These apps include:

  • Tone Deaf Test
  • Sing True
  • Interval Recognition
  • Chordelia: Triad Tutor
  • Chordelia: Seventh Heaven

These apps range from free to paid so check out the application store and make your choice.

Musical U Pricing

Musical U is very cheap. The membership is available for a rate of $29.95 per month. This service is excellently priced for the amount of value that you get from it and the number of services it provides for its customers.

When compared to some traditional music lessons, which could cost way more than that price, in fact, they may cost you that price per week.

Who is Musical U for?

Musical U is not a kid’s play material. It is for people that are very serious about improving their musical skills and their ability to play. This is the reason why Musical U membership is available for a flat fee of $29.95, per month. This price is excellent for the amount of information you can possibly obtain from it. The service and tips that you can gain from Musical U are also comparatively high.

Who Teaches the Course?

The Musical U Musical course is brought to you by a team of very experienced musicians. Here is a list of their names.

  • Christopher Sutton, Founder, and Director
  • Ruth Power, Piano
  • Steve Lawson, Bass
  • Clare Wheeler, Vocals
  • Dylan Welsh, Guitar

Christopher Sutton is the most prominent figure overall since he is the founder. Sutton has a lot of experience as a musician. His field covers cello, clarinet, piano, saxophone, and electric guitar. He is also a member of a lot of choirs and ensemble groups.

One of the major reasons that Sutton designed Musical U is the fact that even as he practiced and improved on his skills as a musician, he never felt like he was at the same level as his peers, he was always bent on finding the missing piece. This is what he now teaches at Musical U. At first, it would have been something very difficult, just like the way it feels for every new musician like an intangible thing. Sutton did the hard work to plot the key principles and all the lessons taught in Musical U – playing by ear, improvisation, musical confidence, and expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

This part of the essay will contain some extra details about Musical U. Read on till the very end.

How Good is Musical U?

Musical U is very valuable for anyone that is seeking to improve their knowledge and skills as a musician. Musical U is fully packed. And with all the variations of its contents, they are presented in the simplest way.

How do I Cancel a Musical u subscription?

Your subscription renewal can be canceled either through your online account management page or by contacting the Musical U support team at their major email account which can be accessed through their website. A valid payment method which includes credit card or PayPal is also required to process the payment for your Subscription

Is Musical U Right for You?

The musical U service is designed to help a very wide range of people to become more and more musical. That does not mean that it is right for everyone. Especially these set of people;

  • People that are not interested in passing exams
  • Already good, well-trained, professional musicians.
  • People who hate to talk to other people, and are determined to learn in isolation without any help.

If you love music and you want to become a very good musician, then musical U is very good for you.

What if I am Just Naturally Unmusical?

The pioneers of musical U believe that it is an impossibility to be naturally unmusical, as far as your ears are fundamentally working. Everyone is capable of developing his or her musicality. In the case of music, you do not need to have the gift to be a potential musician.

Will Musical U Work for my Instrument?

The answer to this question is yes. The Tutors at Musical U focus on your inner skills of musicianship. This means things like recognizing notes and chords by ear, imagining music clearly, understanding the music you hear, and knowing how to express your musical ideas. All these concepts and skills apply to every instrument perfectly.

Does Musical U Provide Certificates Or Accreditation?

The platform does not currently issue certificates, diplomas, or other accreditation for Musical U modules.

However, Musical U offers some sort of tracking or progress system inside the website where you can see clearly what you are achieving through your training.


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