Nigeria Enlists 120 Experts to Help Develop a Framework for AI Adoption

Nigeria enlists 120 experts to help develop a framework for AI adoption. The Nigerian government has announced intentions to engage 120 experts, including researchers, startups, and stakeholders in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community.

Nigeria to Develop a Framework for AI Adoption

The goal is to collaboratively establish a framework aimed at promoting the adoption of AI technology within the country.

Nigeria to Develop a Framework for AI Adoption

Bosun Tijani, the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, unveiled plans to establish a framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in Nigeria. The announcement was made on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

Tijani stated that a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop will convene in Abuja from April 15 to 18, 2024, where experts will collaborate to develop this framework.

The purpose of the framework, according to the Minister, is to help the government achieve its objectives, focusing on priorities and strategies for implementing AI applications to enhance lives and bolster Nigeria’s economy.

Since assuming office in 2023, Tijani highlighted the ministry’s efforts in advancing AI initiatives. Among the initial actions was outlining a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Strategy for the country.

The Importance of Leveraging AI’s Potential to Propel Nigeria Forward

Tijani stressed the importance of leveraging AI’s potential to propel Nigeria forward, viewing it as a crucial step towards utilizing technology to boost productivity across various sectors in the nation.

“AI offers us the opportunity to leverage technology to solve some of our most complex and urgent challenges in education, agriculture, healthcare, and so much more,” Tijani added.

Contributions of Nigerians Living Abroad To AI Research and Innovation

The Minister commended Nigerians living abroad for their valuable contributions to AI research and innovation. He acknowledged that the ministry has actively involved many of these renowned researchers and entrepreneurs in various initiatives.

Now, the development of the new AI framework marks the government’s continued collaboration with these experts.

The Involvement of Several Other Partner Organizations to Propel the Adoption of AI in the Country

Alongside the 120 AI-focused Nigerian researchers and startups participating in the AI strategy workshop, the Minister mentioned the involvement of several other partner organizations joining in Abuja.

In a previous announcement on X dated August 28, 2023, Tijani encouraged Nigerians to nominate AI researchers within and outside the country with experience working in the Nigerian market. The goal was to engage them in co-creating a National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy.

The Ministry has Identified Over 6,000 Nigerian AI Researchers Worldwide

Back in 2023, the Minister revealed that the ministry had identified over 6,000 Nigerian AI researchers worldwide. These researchers are crucial for the nation’s goal of using AI to create jobs and integrating it into every sector of the economy.

The Ministry’s Objective to Leverage AI

The Minister reiterated that the ministry’s objective has always been to leverage AI to enhance productivity through smart infrastructure, a goal that remains unchanged.



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