New Travel Perks Added By T-Mobile in Its Latest ‘Un-Carrier’ Gesture

It is now reported that new travel perks are being added by T-Mobile in its latest ‘Un-Carrier’ gesture. The company is now upgrading its travel benefits.

New Travel Perks Added By T-Mobile in Its Latest 'Un-Carrier' Gesture

The carrier on Thursday revealed its new plan and program that includes a slightly faster free international data and include free Wi-Fi on more flights, and discounts on purchased gas at various shell stations.

New Travel Perks Added By T-Mobile in Its Latest ‘Un-Carrier’ Gesture

Before now, the self-described ‘un-carrier has offered international data and also texting in more than 20 regions and countries of the world with a number of its plans. But however, data speeds were capped at an agonizingly 128 kilobits per second.

The carrier beginning on the 21st of June is upping the speed to 256kbps. This is an improvement that will generally allow for better ad great handling of tasks such as basic web browsing and emailing even though at the moment it still does not allow for streaming of videos or video calling.

The chief marketing officer at T-Mobile, Mike Katz has this to say, ‘a speed of 256kbps is great for basic navigation and basic web browsing, and a lot of things that people do when they internationally travel.’

Zoom generally recommends connections of 600kbps at the least to a one-on-one video calling situation in non-HD, or ‘high quality’. Netflix on the other hand recommends connections of 1mbps in viewing the content in standard definition or 3mbps for 720p HD at the least.

What This Means for Subscribers of T-Mobile’s Priciest Plan

Subscribers on the company’s priciest magenta max unlimited plans will get free high-speed data of up to 5 gigabytes every month at up to 5G speeds in more than 210 countries that it already offers free international roaming to. Also, subscribers on the business unlimited ultimate plan get this very benefit.

Those subscribers to the magenta plans also will get 5 gigabytes of data at 5G speeds in eleven European countries where the Deutsche Telecom Company operates. The Deutsche Telecom Company is a major shareholder in T-Mobile. These countries include Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Macedonia, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania, Poland, and Slovakia.

What Will Happen After Your Free 5GB Data Is Used Up

This is simple. Immediately after you finish your 5GB free data, your 5G speed will drop to 256kbps. T mobile on the other hand will continue to offer faster data connections that will be starting at $5 daily for 512 MB of high-speed data and also unlimited calling for 24 hours.

The company however does not include calls with its international benefits, therefore, leaving its 25 cents per minute the way it is. You should however know that calls over Wi-Fi are free. Generally, travelers are always consuming data, and also when they make calls, they are usually around Wi-Fi, Mike Katz added.

What the Upgrade Means For T-Mobile and Customers

The upgrade however is still considered as not being a massive one. But however, the improvements have continued to put the company (T-Mobile) ahead of other carriers such as Verizon and AT&T for basic connectivity as both of these platforms charge subscribers on its unlimited plans $10 daily for using their regular talk, text, and high-speed data in more than 210 countries.


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