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For those deep sleepers and those who need to wake so early to meet up in the office, there are the best alarm clock apps for android. Read on to know more.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

A great alarm may not be enough to get you out of bed, but a great alarm clock app can aid you to wake up on time. There are a lot of alarm clock apps for android, and getting the best can really be frustrating.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Alarm clocks are devices used to scare an intruder away from your premises or alert you of a threatening situation such as a fire or danger. It is also a device that helps you wake on time to set for work or read at midnight. There are other useful things you can set the alarm to alert you on.

If you are searching for alarm apps on the google play store, you will see a lot of available options. Like I said earlier, finding the right one can be hard, so we have hunted down the top alarm apps for Android and compiled them here for you. Below are some of our bests picked on best alarm clock apps for Android.

Xtreme Alarm Clock

Xtreme is one of the best alarm clocks on Android phones. You can operate it yourself, like you can set how you can turn off the alarm, from tapping the screen to shaking the phone. You can make a puzzle pop up for you to solve or have an app launch when you dismiss the alarm.

This alarm app features that prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed. A lot of people have given testimony on this great app and how super amazing it has been working for them over the years. The app has some daily planning tools you can use to better schedule your day.

You can also sync the app up with your calendar to see any upcoming events and set reminders for the important tasks.


Early Rise Alarm Clock

This early rise alarm clock is a good clock app you can get from Android phones and it gently takes you from deep sleep to awake and alert every morning.

The app features a gentle combination of guided visualization, stretching and bathing techniques, relaxing sound effects, and inspiring music that leaves you calm refreshed, and inspired for the day ahead.

There is a lot of review on how it works just fine without crashing and how it wakes you up with a gentle start to the day. In the app, you can make a choice of the type of mediation you woke up, relaxing and de-stressing to keep your anxiety down.

The app is best for relaxing and calm mornings. Without paying, you can still choose from four soundscapes and one mediation course. Though, the cost of the premium plan isn’t much and unlocks everything at once.


Sleep as Android: Smart alarm

This smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking wakes you gently in optimal for pleasant mornings. This app features sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up which uses your phone or any of the many supported wearables.

This alarm app features plenty of options for the alarms themselves, like adjustable snooze times gradual volume increase, and challenges like solving captchas to turn off the alarm, it also features some excellent sleep tracking functions.


AlarmMon App

Alarm Mon app is a purpose to add a bit more levity to the process of waking up. You can attach memos to alarms and choose a custom alarm noise and that’s not just all.

At the first opening of AlarmMon, you will have to answer some questions about when you want to wake up, and you will be given a specific character that matches up with your answers.

This character determines the default alarm noise the app uses and also what minigame you need to play to disable the alarm. The app is free to download and can be gotten from the google play store.


Talking Alarm Clock Beyond

If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and need some motivating words, the alarm clock beyond is the android alarm for you. This alarm helps you wake up to a wide range of choices.

It can help you wake your ringtone, music, playlists, and online radio. You can customize how gradually the alarm fades in and how you want it to snooze.

If you need help from the app to help you wake up, then dish out some words of your choosing, spoken in a soft automated voice.


Things to Consider in an Alarm Clock App

There are some things to consider when downloading the best alarm clock app, below are some of them:

  • Consider the tasks, like a lot of alarm clock apps bring in new ways to disable your alarm in the morning besides the standard swipe. The tasks can range from shaking your phone a bunch to typing out a phrase.
  • Options are another thing to look at. Being able to set custom alarm sounds, add notes to your alarms, and adjust the vibration level of the alarm.
  • Consider the features and extra features of the alarm app which include sleep tracking, news summaries to check after you wake up, and the option to customize how the app itself looks.
  • Consider the payment model as some of the apps on the list above are free to download, and most of them have some form of payment option.

These are some of the things to consider when going for the best alarm app.


Does Android have a built I alarm clock?

For Android phones, the built-in clock app can schedule one-time alarms and weekly repeating alarms. However, it is possible to make multiple alarms and off them or on them individually.

What is the best alarm app for heavy sleepers?

The puzzle alarm clock app is one of the really effective android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. It is the best for heavy sleepers because it will not stop ringing until you passed your task.

How do I make sure my alarm wakes me up?

To make sure your alarm wakes you up, see this tip: you will find out how much sleep you need and when you go to bed these many hours before. Drink enough water before sleep, don’t eat before sleep, mediate and set yourself a mental alarm clock.

What is the world’s loudest alarm clock?

How loud is the World’s Loudest Alarm clock? The Sonic Alert sbb500ss Sonic Bomb features a turbo-charged extra loud alarm of up to 113 DB.

Which Android alarm is best?

Alarmy is recognized as one of the best android alarms as it features a packed app that offers everything from loud alarms to wake-up checks. One of the app features is its wide selection of missions that can be attached to different alarms.



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