New Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU Seen From an Unlikely Source

New Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU seen from an unlikely source. Before we go any further in this post, it might interest you to know that Nvidia already has its own RTX 4000 GPUs ready to hit the floor running.

New Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU Seen From an Unlikely Source

New Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU Seen From an Unlikely Source

As the unveiling of the RTX 4000 GPU by Nividia nears a September 20 launching date, the leaks and rumors just keep on coming. And just like water through a basket, another RTX 4090 has been seen and this time by a user on Twitter known as @wxnod.

The images shared by the leaker provided some pixelations that are not so subtle, but it is very much clearly Lenovo’s own legion-branded take on the GeForce RTX 4090. And as expected from several other leaks, the GPU is really chunky as it sports three fans and a thick quad-slot design that fit just only the inside of the pictured case.

The Leaked RTX 4090 Seems To Be Powered By Just A Single 12-Pin Power Connector

This very RTX 4090 that was leaked seems to be powered by just a single 12-pin power connector. The leaker also added other images of the heatsink, a big block of metal that appears to be sporting an incredible 13 heat pipes. It is however unsurprising that the sheer power of the RTX 4090 alone will be demanding a whole lot of cooling. That being said, this still looks pretty much like a heavy, bulky card.

Lenovo Have Sold GPUs in The Past

It is no news that Lenovo in the past has sold GPUs, but with the leaks here, they are only been modified AMD and Nvidia cards that are found in pre-built desktop PCs and laptops by Lenovo. The graphics cards section of Lenovo’s website on the other hand features mostly workstation-grade compact GPUs for upgrading the ThinkCentre and ThinkStation systems of Lenovo.

What to Expect If the Leaks and Rumors Are True

If it is that Lenovo is making its very own GPUs, then we all should be ready for a treat. A new entry into the third-party graphics cards industry is always a good thing for the markets thus serving to drive booth innovation and competition within the sector. And if this is the case, we could be looking forward to a dominant performance from Lenovo’s very own pre-built desktop PCs.


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