Google Assistant Update Reportedly Leaked

Google Assistant update reportedly leaked and it spells impending doom for ‘Hey Google.’

Google Assistant Update Reportedly Leaked

Google Assistant Update Reportedly Leaked

Making use of your Google assistant in controlling your home soon may become a whole lot easier and simpler as per recent leaks and reports which allege that custom quick phrases are now on their way to the Google nest Hub Max.

For the vast part of this timeframe, you must first need to say the word ‘Hey Google’ before you issue a command if it is that you want your Google Assistant to do something. Quick phrases are set to do away with the wake word and once they are enabled, you can now instruct Google to ‘turn the kitchen lights on’ or even ask ‘what’s the weather forecast’ without getting to say the ‘Hey Google’ phrase over and over again.

The feature at the moment is available on the Google Pixel 6 and the Google Nest Hub Max. The feature however on the latter soon could be getting an upgrade.

The Type of Phrases You Can Use

As seen by 9to5Google, various new quick phrases which are now coming to the premium smart device as per its coding include ‘what time is my alarm set for?’, ‘skip this song’ and ‘create a reminder.’ However, what’s more, interesting here is that many other lines of presently unused code are all pointing to custom quick phrases.

How Will The New Feature Work?

As of now, it is still not clear just how the feature will work exactly. But Google has however already coded in a warning that “there are a few rules to make sure these [quick phrases] work well, and you will be guided if there are any issues.” This is simply suggesting that you will not have full free reign in creating custom commands. That being said, we will have to wait and see just how these new guidelines are in regard to being restrictive.

Custom Quick Phrases Are Headed To The Nest Hub Max for Now

For the time being, it only seems that custom quick phrases are headed to the Nest Hub Max. But with it regularly featured on the Pixel 6, hopefully, we will see them on Google’s best phone too. And when it gets to launch, hopefully, we will get to see custom quick phrases come to the Google Pixel 7 too which already has an October launch date.


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