Netstar Launches Africa’s Largest Vehicle Telematics

Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, has unveiled the Global Fleet Bureau in South Africa, touted as the continent’s largest and most advanced vehicle telematics hub. This facility aims to meet the evolving needs of fleet managers with world-class services and standards in-vehicle telematics.

Netstar Launches Africa's Largest Vehicle Telematics
Netstar Launches Africa’s Largest Vehicle Telematics

Services Offered

  • The Global Fleet Bureau will cater to Netstar’s expanding commercial fleet customer base, providing services such as emergency contact center operations and vehicle recovery.
  • It will facilitate live monitoring, real-time fleet management notifications, and AI-powered live video monitoring through onboard cameras, enhancing driver and vehicle safety.

Integration of Technologies

Netstar integrates telematics with recent acquisitions of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to adopt a proactive approach to ensure commercial fleet safety.

The facility monitors millions of connected devices, analyzes billions of data points, and downloads thousands of hours of video monthly, with daily tracking exceeding 100 million kilometers.

Enhanced Functionality and Service Levels

  • Grant Fraser, Netstar’s Group managing director, emphasizes that the Global Fleet Bureau will elevate functionality and service levels for customers, focusing on driver and vehicle safety.
  • The center’s construction in 2023 aims to boost vehicle recovery rates, increase responsiveness, reduce false positive alerts, and enable quicker dispatch responses.

Evolution with Technology

Netstar plans to continually evolve its facilities in alignment with advancements in data, AI, and machine learning technologies to meet changing customer needs and industry standards.

Global Reach and Support

  • Leveraging its IoT platform, Netstar’s Global Fleet Bureau offers services to global fleets and provides monitoring and optimal routing solutions to customers in Sydney, demonstrating its capacity to support international fleet managers.

Netstar’s launch of the Global Fleet Bureau marks a significant milestone in the field of vehicle telematics, offering a comprehensive suite of services and leveraging advanced technologies to ensure the safety and efficiency of commercial fleets.

With its commitment to innovation and customer service, Netstar is poised to continue driving advancements in the fleet management industry both locally and globally.



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