Whatsapp Web for Whatsapp – How to Check Whatsapp Web Connected Devices

Want to access your Whatsapp from another device? Here’s the way to use Whatsapp Web for Whatsapp. To use Whatsapp web on your computer or laptop, you will be required to access the Whatsapp web QR code scan. Which is out there on your latest android or iPhone devices.

Whatsapp Web for Whatsapp

Using this Whatsapp web application, you’ll be able to easily access Whatsapp both on your android phone and your PC, desktop, or laptop.

Whatsapp Web for Whatsapp

Whatsapp web is one sort of Whatsapp version to use Whatsapp on your android phone & Windows PC at the identical time. If you would like to line up or use Whatsapp web on android and other latest devices.

Then you need a Whatsapp account, internet connection on both your android device & desktop, and use the newest version browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox on your Windows PC or desktop.

Whatsapp Web for PC Download

Whatsapp web application is out there just for the newest Android, Windows Phone, iOS 8.1 or above apple devices, BlackBerry, and other latest smartphones, Windows PC, and Mac.

After connecting the Whatsapp web from your phone to PC, Whatever messages you send and receive are sync between your android device and computer. Below you’ll get steps to be used Whatsapp web on the newest android phone and tablet.

How to Use Whatsapp Web for Whatsapp on PC

Steps on using the Whatsapp web on PC:

  • Open Whatsapp mobile app on your android phone or tablet.
  • Tap on the Chats tab.
  • Then tap on Menu from the upper right-side corner.
  • Select the Whatsapp web. After tapping on the Whatsapp web, you’ll be able to see QR code scan.
  • Open https://web.Whatsapp.com on your android tablet or computer.
  • To use Whatsapp on your phone scan the code that appeared on the PC web browser.

After scanning the code, your Whatsapp web connects both your phone and PC to sync messages. Now you’ll operate or use Whatsapp both from your android tablet or Windows PC.

How to Check Whatsapp Web Connected Devices

Now tap on “Whatsapp web” on your android device, and you’ll be able to check currently which devices connected or logged in along with your Whatsapp account.

How to Logout Whatsapp Web for Whatsapp Connected Devices

The logout option is accessible both on an android phone or PC. Tap on logout from all computers to close your account from all computers or tablets. It’s quite easy to logout of the Whatsapp Web for Whatsapp account remotely on an android phone.

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