Netflix Is Set To Add More Subtitle Options for TVs

Netflix is set to add more subtitle options for TVs which is a big boost for the big screen.

Netflix Is Set To Add More Subtitle Options for TVs

Netflix Is Set To Add More Subtitle Options for TVs

When you load up Netflix on your TV screen today you will notice that a change has been added. Users can now pick from a host of several different colors and sizes in the subtitle section to suit their preferences and the display that they get to watch on.

The update in question gives users a choice between small, medium, and large text, and four separate styles which are white with no background, white with a black background, yellow with a black background, and lastly, black with a white background.

In ode rot get access to this set of options, you will need to select the cog icon on the right side of the current subtitle settings that appear when playback is paused. This is a setup from the previous situation where subtitles only were shown in one size and also in white without a background.

These Options Have Not Been Switched on On Every Country with Access to Netflix

These options have not been switched on on every country and region with access to Netflix. And just in case you are not seeing them yet, this may well be the reason. But from what we can tell so far is that it appears that the rollout of the upgrade has been swift and extensive.

Netflix’s Previous Subtitle Customization Feature

Users previously could customize subtitles via the web and mobile interfaces, but these options, however, did not apply to streaming Netflix via TV apps. There seem to remain more customization options for mobile and on the web and this is including a selection of different fonts.

Three-Quarters of All Streaming Takes Place on a Big Screen

Stats quoted by TechCrunch suggest that approximately three-quarters of all streaming takes place on a big screen rather than a laptop or a phone, so these extra subtitle options are a welcome development and they may even help the streaming platform to increase its subscriber count.


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