Neopets Flash Games Are Back In a Big Way

Neopets Flash games are now back and in a big way. You can now recreate those long-lost days in front of the computer in class just by playing these classic games.

Neopets Flash Games

Neopets Flash Games

The game Neopets is back in a big way. I really don’t mean the revamped website or even the weird bit of news where the lookalike Arthur John Legend has become the first influencer of Neopets. Well, it might just interest you to know that I am talking about the games. More than 50 web browser games from the past of the site have now been restored through an emulator and are all playable right now.

This triumphant return of the games is a part of the “new era” of Neopets that started when NetDragon the parent company of  Neopets, allowed the site to spin off into its very own fully independent company. And under this new leadership, The Neopets Team started working immediately to revive the flagging site that has been around since elder millennial, 1999.

The team reportedly worked on fixing bugs, implementing community feedback, and then announced that it would reportedly transition away from the poorly received NFT game Neopets Metaverse. And one of the biggest, top-of-mind goals for the team as you should know was to bring back the old browser games that have been languishing in digital purgatory ever since Adobe stopped supporting Flash back in 2020.

You Will Need an Account to Play the Games

And right now, making use of the Ruffle emulator, all your favorites — Meepit Juice Break, Hasee Bounce, Meerka Chase II, Faerie Caves II, Faerie Bubbles — are now back, and by extension, we, too, are so back. (FYI: know that you will need an account in order to play the classic games.)

The Game Was a Favorite of Many Back in the Day

Neopets games were the favorite of many back then. Many gamers at the time spent so much time before, during, and after school just playing games such as Meerca Chase II and Hasee Bounce. Personally, I distinctly remember playing Hasee Bounce with tears rolling down my face just because the little hasee creatures were really so cute.

And just today, when I heard about the news, I immediately booted up Faerie Caves II and was instantaneously transported back in time to the computer lab of my school which is filled with those technicolor iMacs. Faerie Caves level design back then confounded 13-year-old me, but right now, with my adult experiences as well as sensibilities, I was able to breeze through the first two levels with no sort of problem at all.

What the Restoration of the Game Mean

The restoration of this very treasure trove of seriously fun games is just one small part of the new strategy of the Neopets Team to reinvigorate the brand and also win back fans. But even if they get to do nothing else at the end of the day, they have already won me back.



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