Chrome flash Errors – Steps to take when Chrome flash Stops Working

Does chrome flash not work? it could be that your website is blocked from getting access to flash or some other errors. With the steps below you can resolve the problem.

Chrome flash Errors

Major Causes Of Chrome flash errors

there are two major things that cause Chrome flash errors.

  • It could be that the flash is blocked
  • when the flash is outdated or the flash plug-in is corrupt

Steps to take when Chrome flash Stops working

Follow the medium shown below to solve the error that is making Chrome flash not work.

  • Clear the Cache in your browser
  • Enable flash if disabled
  • Check your website details
  • Update flash player and Chrome
  • Download and install Flash from the Adobe website
  • Update graphics card driver

Clear your browser cache

Just follow the step stated below to clear your browser cache. am sure by now these steps would not be new to you because a lot of people do this. the steps include:

  • Move to Chrome settings
  • Select the “Advanced” option
  • Click on the “Clear browsing data” tab
  • Tap on the “basic” button
  • Select “All time” for the time range
  • Tick on the blank box.  Next to “cached images and files”
  • Scroll down and Pres on the “clear data” tab
  • Restart your browser and see if the problem is solved

Check if  the Chrome flash is turned on

  • Open your Chrome browser
  • Enter chrome://settings/content/flash in the search box
  • Click on “Enter” Key
  • See if “allow sites to run flash” is enabled, otherwise enable it.
  • Turn off the “Ask first” option
  • Reload the website
  • If the problem persists, return and enable the “Ask first” option

Check your website Details

  • Open the particular site that flash is not working in Chrome
  • Navigate and tap on the “website information” tab
  • Select the “flash” option
  • Choose the “Always allow on this site” widget
  • Load the web page again, to see if the problem is solved

Remove Website From block List

  • Locate your Chrome browser
  • Type in chrome://settings/content/flash in the search bar
  • Go to “block list” and see if the website is on the list. If added, click on the “remove” button
  • Go back and reload the web page

Update Chrome and Flash player

  • Proceed to Chrome URL box and type in “chrome://components
  • Click the “Enter” Key
  • From the list of components shown, Locate “Adobe flash player”
  • Tap on the “Check for updates” link and see if there is an available update, if yes, go ahead and update
  • Try to reload the page,  if chrome flash is still not working
  • Progress to Chrome menu
  • Tap on the “Update Google Chrome” tab, if it appears on the list
  • Select the “Relaunch” widget
  • Reload the particular page you are trying to access

Install flash from Adobe website

  • Search for
  • Go to step 1 and choose your computer “operating system”
  • Select the version in step 2
  • Move down to the right corner of the page and select the “download now” link

Close plug-in if crashed

  • Go to Chrome menu
  • Click on the “more tools” tab
  • Choose the “task manager” widget
  • Tap on the “plug-in: shock-wave flash” button
  • Pres “End process” tab
  • Live task manager window page
  • Go back and reload the page


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