Moto G Power Reportedly Gets 5G And A Price Increase

Moto G Power reportedly gets 5G and a price increase. The big battery budget smartphone from Motorola now gets a really cool upgrade in its display, as well as 5G for the very first time, but it will be starting at $50 more than the price of its predecessor.

Moto G Power Gets 5G

Moto G Power Gets 5G

The 2023 version of the all-about-battery-life Moto G Power of Motorola trades some of that battery life for more modern conveniences. And in addition to 5G, a better screen and more powerful processor are on offer, so the battery claims of Moto are not as lofty this year around, and the price on the other hand is higher. And while last year’s 128GB model got to sell for $249, this year’s edition will start at $299. And still, it just might make for a budget phone that is worth purchasing.

Alongside a huge 5,000mAh battery, the Motorola Moto G Power 5G is inclusive of a MediaTek Dimensity 930 processor with 4GB of RAM. And by the looks of it, that should be a really serious upgrade from the 4G-only Helio G37 chip in the 2022 Moto G Power, which, by many accounts, was not good enough. There is also 5G, Naturally which as of today’s standard you might as well have on a new phone in 2023.

Moto G Power 2023 Specs and Features

The Moto G Power of this year offers a 1080p LCD with a 120Hz top refresh rate, which as you should know is a boost from the previous version’s 720p 90Hz screen. The extra resolution here is quite welcome on such a big screen, and the bump to 120Hz should really make motion and animations noticeably smoother. There’s however still a 50-megapixel main camera, some macro and depth cameras that are mostly useless, and a headphone jack as well.

The Battery Is Not As the Same as Its Predecessors

The battery stamina claims of Motorola not surprisingly, are not as bold this time around. The company claimed you could get up to three days of battery life on the previous 2022 model, but this year, it’s promising users “up to 38 hours,” so it’s just a bit over a day and a half. And with the reported 5G and a more power-hungry screen, that doesn’t really come as a shock.

The Latest G Power Offers a Pretty Excellent Deal

Prioritizing these feature upgrades in question over multiday battery life might sound like a wise move since many people can live with charging their phone overnight. If the screen and processor updates are as good as they appear on paper, it could make the latest G Power a pretty excellent deal. And in any case, it gets to arrive on April 13th in the US unlocked at Best Buy, Amazon, as well as; Metro by T-Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, and Xfinity Wireless will be selling it at a much later date.



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