India’s First Apple Store Is Opening Soon

India’s first Apple store is opening soon. The new reported store will be located in the Mumbai region of the country.

India’s First Apple Store

India’s First Apple Store

Apple is set to open its very first retail store in India in Mumbai as per a short notice on the website of the company.

“Hello Mumbai,” the notice reportedly reads. “We are getting ready to welcome you aboard our first store in India. And raring to see where your creativity takes you at Apple BKC.” The website of Apple states that the new store will be “coming soon,” but the company however did not reply to a request for comment for more details on the matter.

The store according to more reports will be located at the Jio World Drive mall and it will be 22,000 square feet.

Apple Was Supposed To Open Its First Retail Store in India In 2021

The Mumbai-based store in India is not really a surprise to many as CEO Tim Cook back in 2022 said that Apple would be opening its very first retail store in India in 2021. But that was however delayed due to the pandemic and also delayed it to the first quarter of this very year. The company missed that estimate obviously, but it now seems that Apple is close to welcoming customers to the store now.

There Will Be Other Apple Stores in India

The company just recently started to hire for then unannounced stores in India. Yes, you heard right, store, as the company has been hiring for “various locations” within the country which seems to show that more retail stores will be coming to India in the nearest future.

Apple Launched Its First Online Store in India Back In September 2020

Apple for some time now has been investing in India. The company launched its very first online store in the country back in September 2020 and has also manufactured many flagship iPhones in the region and country.



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