Minecraft Mods Reported To Be Putting Players at Risk

Minecraft mods are reported to be putting players at risk. This simply means that if you are a Minecraft player, then you just may be under threat from a sneaky new malware.

Minecraft Mods Risk

Minecraft Mods Risk

The Minecraft Malware Prevention Alliance (MMPA) has now warned Minecraft players of a new vulnerability that can let cybercriminals to run remote code as well as even plant malware on the devices of victims.

Fortunately, and despite being actively exploited, this is an attack that is very much familiar among the Java community and as such, developers on the other hand are already well-informed when it comes to issuing a fix to the said problem.

Well, not so fortunately, though, in the case of this very attack, was the scale. And according to MMPA, “a bad actor scanned all Minecraft servers on the IPv4 address space.” Following up with this, the group however reckons that a malicious payload might just have been deployed onto all affected servers.

How the Exploit Works

The exploit which is dubbed “BleedingPipe” lets for the full remote execution of codes on clients as well as servers that are running some Minecraft mods on the very latest versions 1.7.10/1.12.2 of Forge.

Among some of the affected mods that are known are EnderCore, LogisticsPipes, and BDLib, which already have now been fixed for the GT New Horizons versions. Others in question include Smart Moving 1.12, Brazier, DankNull, and Gadomancy.

What the Group That Discovered the Exploit Thinks

And despite being a really highly exploited vulnerability, MMPA states that no instances have yet been to this scale in Minecraft thus so far.

The group in question says: “We do not know what the contents of the exploit were or if it was used to exploit other clients, although this is very much possible with the exploit.”

Server admins at the moment are urged to regularly check for suspicious files, as well as also apply regular updates as well as security patches as soon as they become available in a bid to protect players. Players, too, on the other hand, can check for suspicious files, with both jSus and jNeedle being recommended as scanning tools.

More broadly, maintaining a really effective endpoint protection software on consumer machines as well as being prepared is always a good practice, just so you know.

Are Minecraft Mods Safe

Investigators at the moment advise players to stop downloading or even updating Minecraft for the time being. A platform that also provides plugin software or the very popular Minecraft game is now advising users to stop downloading or updating mods immediately after it reportedly discovered that malware has been injected into tons of offerings that it makes available online.

Are Minecraft Mods Illegal

Mods basically are very much okay to distribute. Hacked versions or Modded versions of the game client or server software on the other hand are not okay to distribute. Within the reason that you are actually free to do whatever it is that you want with screenshots as well as videos of the game.



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