Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Cortana on Windows 11

Microsoft pulls the plug on Cortana on Windows 11. This simply means that the digital assistant will not be available on Windows 11 anymore as the tech giant subs it for Copilot.

Microsoft Cortana on Windows 11

Microsoft Cortana on Windows 11

It is now official as Microsoft has reportedly made the move to remove Cortana in Windows 11, as it promised a while back.

If you recall quite frankly back in June, Microsoft let us in on a little secret that Cortana was going to be removed later in 2023. We even heard of a concrete date as o when that will be taking place, which was August. And with that, the first sightings of users seeing Cortana taken from the platform were reported just a couple of weeks ago. And it now seems that Microsoft is completely drawing support for the digital assistant.

Full Cortana Drop Underway

Windows Central just recently reported that the deprecation of Cortana is fully underway and that users will be notified that the assistant is no longer available in the event that they try to get access to it in Windows 11. Alongside that very notification, a link is provided to a support page where users can learn more about what’s really going on here.

The change in question seems to be rolling out for everyone on Windows 11 at the moment, although some users may still have access to Cortana on their end, but however not for much longer.

Cortana as you should know will also be getting the elbow from Microsoft Teams in the later parts of this year, as we are told, and if that is the case it means that it will only remain in Outlook mobile by the time the end of the year 2023 rolls around.

How Users Will React To Cortana Axing

Saying goodbye to Cortana will not be a difficult task for many users. After all, certainly, for the general computing world making use of Windows 11, Cortana in question was not used much anyway. Microsoft already had geared the digital assistant more towards business use just because of this. But Cortana however will also be dumped from Microsoft Teams, too, very soon enough.

The main reason for getting rid of Cortana pretty much everywhere (except for Outlook mobile, for some personal reasons) is obvious, and that is the incoming Windows Copilot AI, which is a much more ambitious desktop assistant.

This as you should know will basically be the Bing AI that was integrated into a side panel in Windows 11, but however with a lot of extra abilities to help customize Windows settings in many ways, in a bid to save you the trouble of having to hunt for these (options that just might be buried way deep in submenus somewhere).

Microsoft Copilot Windows Test Builds

The Copilot of Microsoft as you should know is already in test builds of Windows 11. But right about now, it is still very much a barebones incarnation of what was promised by the software company.. this simply means that is still pretty much a built-in Bing chatbot but with a few very limited powers to help manipulate the Windows 11 environment, although Microsoft is reportedly going to build out the latter facets going forward.

Microsoft Copilot Debut Date

The rumor surrounding the Copilot has it that it could make its debut in Windows 11 23H2, and taking off Cortana just before that would make a lot of sense in that light. We however still have our doubts that copilot will be impressive enough to launch in a couple of months from now.



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