Amazon Alexa Xbox App – Amazon Alexa Features Available on Xbox Consoles and App

This might be New to some people most especially Xbox and Microsoft users as Amazon Alexa is now the new Ai for Xbox App and consoles. Once the almost literal face of Microsoft’s AI endeavors, Cortana has faded slowly away. Although AI is still around now, Microsoft has used the nameless often lately.

Amazon Alexa Xbox App

Amazon Alexa Xbox App

After a short stint that lasted for about three years, Microsoft removed Cortana from its Xbox consoles. And now they are allowing Amazon Alexa to share its place as the virtual assistant that you can make use of on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Cortana was not removed fully from the Xbox, of course. Microsoft only made its availability less direct, removing the ability to talk directly to the AI assistant via a connected headset. Instead, you would have to go through the Xbox skill for Cortana on other available devices, something that can be done by Amazon Alexa on equal footing.

Amazon Alexa Xbox App features

Controlling your Xbox console through Alexa has been available for years now but it only went one way. You cannot, for example, make use of your Xbox to access Alexa features, at least to a particular point. The New Alexa Xbox does not turn your Xbox app into an Amazon Echo replacement, and in fact, it requires an Echo or compatible Alexa device to even function.

You might be Puzzled about why using the app if you already own an Alexa-powered speaker anyway. For one, you can make use of Alexa to launch your game or even play a song. But the most important feature is that you would be able to see your smart home cameras or even your shopping list directly on your big screen. This would be really great for checking who is at the door without having to leave your sit.

The Xbox also has support for other virtual assistants. They include Google, but this new app almost gives amazon the advantage it needs. It does require a compatible Alexa device much like Cortana or Google Assistant. But it also potentially makes it a lot easier to install and make use of by having a dedicated Xbox app just for it.

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