Meta Research Fellowship 2023 for PhD Students Worldwide – APPLY NOW

The 2023 edition of the Meta Research Fellowship is open for suitably qualified PhD Students across the globe. To empower and support the next generation of brilliant minds, the Meta Research Ph.D. The fellowship program has emerged as an amazing opportunity for aspiring PhD students.

Meta Research Fellowship

Through diversity and excellence, this program is more than just a scholarship; it’s a stepping stone toward impactful research and growth.

Meta Research Fellowship Program

The Meta Research Ph.D. Fellowship program stands as an open invitation to students at any stage of their Ph.D. journey. With a strong emphasis on embracing diversity, the program warmly encourages individuals from traditionally underrepresented minority groups to apply.

Evaluation criteria encompass the strength of the applicant’s research statement, the impact of their research, and the weight of their recommendation letters.

Benefits of the Meta Research Fellowship Program

Successful Candidates for the Meta Research Fellowship will be rewarded with more than just financial support. The benefits Include:

  • Tuition and Fees: Winners will have their tuition and fees covered for two years, ensuring they can focus solely on their academic pursuits.
  • Stipend: An annual stipend of $42,000 will be provided to help cover living expenses and enable participation in academic conferences.
  • Fellowship Summit: Fellows will have the unique opportunity to visit Meta headquarters for the annual Fellowship Summit. (Please note that, depending on COVID-19 restrictions, the event may be held virtually.)
  • Engagement Opportunities: The program facilitates engagement with Meta researchers, fostering collaborative learning and networking.

About Meta

The journey of Meta began as a social networking platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Over the years, it evolved from a college networking site to a global social media giant, connecting billions of people worldwide. However, as technology evolved, so did the company’s vision.

Meta’s rebranding was not just a mere name change; it was a reflection of its new focus on the metaverse. This transition signifies Meta’s commitment to creating an interconnected world that goes beyond the limitations of traditional social media platforms.

While the company’s name has changed, its commitment to social media remains strong. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp continue to be part of Meta’s offerings, connecting users globally. The rebranding has allowed Meta to explore new horizons while building on its established social media user base.

Requirements for Meta Research Fellowship Program

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for the Meta Research Fellowship Program:

  • You are enrolled in a PhD program at an accredited university, commencing in Fall 2023.
  • Your research is closely related to computer science and engineering, aligning with Meta’s specified focus areas.
  • This opportunity is open to students from accredited universities worldwide, promoting a global community of scholars.

Notifications for Meta Research Fellowship 

Throughout the application process, timely notifications are key:

  • Recommender Email: When you input your recommender’s email, they will receive an automated email to submit their letter.
  • Application Confirmation: An email will confirm the successful submission of your application.
  • Recommendation Confirmation: You will receive additional emails confirming your references’ submission of recommendation letters.
  • Final Submission: An email will notify you when your entire application, including letters of recommendation, has been submitted.
  • Award Decisions: Award decisions will be communicated in late January.

How to Apply for Meta Research Fellowship 2023

Are you interested and Qualified? Here’s how to apply:

  • Visit Meta’s application portal at and explore the opportunities.
  • Thoroughly complete the application form, aligning your research area with the most suitable fellowship.
  • Indicate the completion of tasks as you move forward.
  • Request two letters of recommendation, one being from your advisor.
  • Submit your application when all tasks are checked off.

For detailed instructions, visit the Meta Research website at:

Program Timeline

  • Application Opens: August 3rd
  • Application Closes: September 20th
  • Reference Letters Due October 6th
  • Review Process Opens: October 11th
  • Winners Notified: January 18th
  • Winners Announcement: Week of January 31st

Application Deadline

September 20, 2023.

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