YouTube Free Videos – How To Access Free Videos On YouTube

What are YouTube free videos? Are you looking for a place online to pass free time? If you are then I have a recommendation for you. The recommendation I have for you is the YouTube platform. now traditionally before I go deep into any article or piece I am writing, I would ask about your knowledge on the platform and in this case, YouTube. In other words, do you know YouTube? Have you heard of the name before? Well a huge chunk of internet users would have heard of this name and in my own honest opinion, they haven’t just heard about this name, but they have also made use of the platform. And to therefore take use further in this article, do you know what YouTube free videos are? Or are they free videos on the YouTube platform?

YouTube Free Videos

YouTube Free Videos

Are there free videos on YouTube, one might ask? But only a non-user of this platform can ask such a question. YouTube is one of the biggest and most visited if not the biggest video sharing platforms in the world. Most internet users have had encounters with this platform at a point in time. On this platform, you get access to tons of videos on the web. And just as established already, this platform is a video sharing platform. This means that you can upload your own original content on the platform or you can choose to enjoy the contents posted by other users on the platform. It’s that easy. And guess what? The contents of this platform are offered for free. With the latter being said, I hope the question of the availability of free videos on YouTube has now been answered.

Do you know that over 80% of 15 to 25-year-olds in the US make use of YouTube? Thus, almost 15% of YouTube site traffic comes from the US alone. On every minute on the YouTube platform people and users upload 500 hours of video content. Each visitor on this platform on average spends 11 minutes, 24 seconds. The library on this platform is so huge and rich that 70% of the contents consumed by users on the platform are determined by the platforms recommendation algorithm.

Also over 70% of the views on YouTube are on mobile. The stats of this platform just go on and on. And so far from what you have seen, it is darn impressive. This platform is not just used for entertainment purposes. The platform can also be used for business. But this article is not about the business aspect of YouTube, but rather on the entertainment aspects of the platform.

How To Access Free Videos On YouTube

This is where most users actually get confused about the platform. The contents of YouTube are available for free. Anyone can get access to the contents of this platform. As long as you have an internet-enabled device, you are good to go. Free videos on YouTube can be accessed on mobile and desktop devices. You can however choose to access videos on this platform via the web or the mobile app. To access YouTube via the web, go to

On the YouTube homepage, you will find tons of free videos available for your entertainment purposes. You can also access free videos on YouTube via the YouTube mobile app. The YouTube mobile app is available for download across mobile devices. You can get the app on the Google play store or the Apple app store on your android and iOS devices respectively.

What You Need To Access Free Videos On YouTube

Do I need to subscribe in order to access free video content on YouTube? Do I need to create a YouTube account to access free videos on the platform? The answer to both questions is no. you don’t need to have any of the above in place before you can access YouTube. All you need to have in place to have access to free video content on YouTube is an internet-enabled device. Once this is in place that is all. You can then however choose to access the platform on your internet-enabled device via your web browser or the mobile app. On the YouTube main page, select a video and start watching for free.


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