Mastercard and ProvidusBank Collaborate to Enhance Payment Services

ProvidusBank and Mastercard unveiled a new payment solution aimed at fast-tracking digital inclusion in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

Mastercard and ProvidusBank Collaborate to Enhance Payment Services
Mastercard and ProvidusBank Collaborate to Enhance Payment Services

The firms revealed that the Providus Amphi Card, the solution in question, is poised to provide effortless self-services to SMEs, merchants, and businesses, with a particular emphasis on cash-centric entities. They shared that the solution would empower MSMEs to conduct transactions seamlessly.

“Innovative Solutions for Financial Inclusion: ProvidusBank’s Commitment and Mastercard’s Vision

In a statement, Walter Akpani, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ProvidusBank, expressed, “ProvidusBank is unwavering in its determination to lead in innovative financial solutions in Nigeria. The Providus Amphi Card allows us to showcase this commitment as we unveil the significant benefits it brings to our customers, particularly small businesses, which are the backbone of the economy.

With the launch of the Amphi Card, we are once again transforming payments in Nigeria. Each card features an imprinted QR code, elevating the banking experience seamlessly and providing an additional layer of convenience and efficiency.

The partners also disclosed that the solution would serve as an additional channel for collections and revenue generation, offering features such as QR payments, expense reduction, cashback or discounts, and more. They emphasized that it would facilitate both collection and payment processes, providing businesses with a versatile tool for everyday transactions.

Mark Elliott, Division President for Sub-Saharan Africa at Mastercard, stated, “Africa has achieved commendable progress in transitioning towards a cashless society. Nevertheless, it is crucial to further penetrate and introduce innovative solutions to drive the financial inclusion of underserved communities and segments, particularly cash-centric small businesses.

Therefore, we take pride in partnering once more with ProvidusBank to introduce the first QR on Card launch across the region. Empowering these businesses with innovative, safe, secure, and efficient digital solutions will not only boost financial inclusion but also promote rural development and strengthen the resilience of the overall economy.

Mastercard and ProvidusBank Join Forces

Mastercard and ProvidusBank join forces to elevate payment services, fostering innovation and efficiency in the financial landscape. This collaboration aims to introduce cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the advancement of digital inclusion and economic resilience, particularly benefiting small businesses and underserved communities.

Mastercard and ProvidusBank unite to enhance payment services, promising a seamless and innovative financial experience. This collaboration reflects a commitment to advancing digital solutions, fostering financial inclusion, and contributing to the evolution of payment systems for the benefit of businesses and individuals alike.

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