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Lite websites are websites designed for mobile users with a slow internet connection. This would help mobile users to join the fun in doing research or using big websites.  This service is currently on Google. Google, to create mobile sites transcode (convert) web pages on the fly into a version optimized for slow clients. This enables web pages to load faster while saving you data. In this case, as a mobile user using a slow internet connection, it is a win win. This technology to wrap it up is called Web Light. What this technology does is that it preserves a majority of relevant content and provides a link for users to view the original page.

Lite Websites

According to data collected from extreme research and experiments, Lite Websites loads over two times faster than the original page and uses over fifty percent fewer bytes. In addition to that, there was over thirty percent increase in the traffic to these pages. Note, some pages at this time are not transcoded but there is hope that soon they will. Some of these sites currently not transcoded are video websites and websites that require cookies (examples are personalized sites). Other sites that are challenging to transcode will also not be transcoded. In this case, you should see a “Not Transcoded” notification if you tried to transcode the page. Keep reading below to learn just how to transcode a website both on your mobile and desktop device.

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Why Make your Website a Lite Website

Making use of this feature, you should remember that the reason Google is doing this is not to mess with your code or website designs but because there are serious performance concerns with the web. Note that Lite Websites would be very helpful for users if they are using a 2G or slow 2G network connection type.

If you are looking forward to learning the kind of optimizations a lite page makes or how they affect your site, then here is your chance. So far, lite websites can disable scripts, stop the loading of certain resources’ and even replace images with placeholders. These optimizations would only take effect if the loading experience for users is poor (in other words “BAD”).

See the Web Light Version of a Web Page – Lite Websites

Following up with our discussion so far, you can view the web light version of a non-AMP webpage using either your mobile or desktop device.

On your Mobile Device

Below is how you can view the lite version of a website or web page on your mobile device.

Note: remember to remove the quote. In the place where [your_website_URL], be sure to remove it and place it with your website URL. If done correctly, it should look like this This is how to view Lite Websites on mobile devices.

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On Desktop Devices

The steps for desktop devices are quite similar to that of mobile devices.

  • Open any web browser on your desktop and connect it to an active internet source.
  • Tap on the search bar and paste the URL[your_website_URL]
  • Hit the search button and wait or the webpage to load in the lite version.

Note: remember to remove the quote. In the place where [your_website_URL], be sure to remove it and place it with your website URL. If done correctly, it should look like this This is how to view Lite Websites on your computer.

Opting Out of Web Light

If you no longer wish to use web light and your pages be transcoded, simply set the HTTP header “Cache-Control: no-transform” in your page response. Anytime Google bot sees this header, they will not transcode your page. Note that users can always see the original page of your website by tapping on the “See Original” link left behind by web light.



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