List of Documents Required for Canada PR

Becoming a permanent resident in Canada has numerous benefits that can significantly increase the quality of life and opportunities available to you and your family. You will get access to Canada’s world-class healthcare system.

List of Documents Required for Canada PR

As a permanent resident, you and your family members will have the freedom to enjoy public healthcare and receive free medical services. In addition, you will have the freedom to work and live anywhere in Canada, and benefit from Canada’s social welfare programs like employment insurance, family benefits, and retirement pensions.

If you have met the demand to become a Permanent resident of Canada and wish to apply, here are the requirements to apply for PR in Canada.

List of Documents Required for Canada’s Permanent Residency

Before you will be granted permanent residency in Canada, you have to meet the requirements, apply, and wait for a decision to be made on your application. Below are the requirements you need for your application.

Personal identification documents

  1. Valid passport: Your passport allows you to travel the world but its role doesn’t end there, it is a mandatory document for your Canada PR application and it must be valid for the entire application process to avoid complications.
  2. Birth certificate: You also need a copy of your birth certificate, it serves as proof of your identity and age.

Educational documents

  1. Educational credentials: You also need copies of your diplomas, degrees, and certificates from all educational institutions you attended. You have to notarize and translate them into either English or French.
  2. Transcripts: You need to present official transcripts from your educational institutions, your transcript should specify the courses you completed, the grades you got, and the degree or diploma conferred to you.

Language proficiency proof

If you are not from an English or French-speaking nation and your studies were not done in English or French language, you need to prove that you are proficient in the languages.

  1. IELTS (or other language test) results: To prove your proficiency in English or French, you need to provide your language test results. You can take the IELTS exam, or you take other accepted language tests.

Employment documents

  1. Work experience letters: Depending on your immigration route, you need letters from your previous employers detailing your job responsibilities, designation, and the duration of your employment.
  2. Reference letters: You also need to present a Personal or professional reference letter, this letter should provide insight into your skills and work ethic.

Financial documents

  1. Proof of funds: This document is very crucial, you can present your bank statements or official letter from your financial institutions proving you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family in Canada.

Make sure that the document you will present will prove that you have the required amount for a Canadian permanent residency application.

Health and Police Clearance

  1. Medical examination reports: You need a physician to examine your health to ensure you meet Canada’s health standards. You will send the result directly to the immigration authorities.
  2. Police clearance certificate: You also need to get a police clearance certificate from your home country, if there is any other country where you have lived for more than six months since turning 18, you need to get a police clearance report from there.

Provincial Nomination (if applicable)

  1. Nomination certificate: If you are applying through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you should include the nomination certificate the province gave to you showing that the province has selected you based on their immigration needs.

Express entry profile (if applicable)

  1. Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code: If you are applying through the Express Entry system, you need to provide your Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Be very accurate: Before starting your application, gather everything you need, and make sure that all documents are accurate and complete. There shouldn’t be any discrepancies.
  • Organize your documents: Use labeled folders or envelopes to organize your documents.
  • Professional guidance: If the process feels overwhelming for you to do alone, you can consider bringing in an immigrant expert to help with the process.

If you are applying for permanent residency in Canada, you need to carefully gather all these documents, arrange and tag them properly, and submit them with your application form. Each document here is important, do not skip any of them in your application.

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