Lionel Messi Giving a Boost to Apple’s MLS Streaming Service

Lionel Messi giving a boost to Apple’s MLS streaming service. The reason for this boost is simple; Lionel Messi. Now that the superstar is plying his trade in Miami, the partnership of Apple with MLS is garnering force and much more interest than it had.

Lionel Messi Boost Apple’s MLS Streaming Service

Lionel Messi Boost Apple’s MLS Streaming Service

Lionel Messi has taken MLS by quite a storm, and that’s good news for Apple. The league already partnered with Apple for a streaming service known as MLS Season Pass, which kicked off this new season and it will reportedly continue for the next decade. And although Messi just only played his first match for his new club, Inter Miami, on July 21st, it already seems that viewership has already improved frantically.

The Streaming Numbers of Apple Regarding MLS Season Pass

And while Apple did not release specific numbers, in a statement, Tom Neumayr, Apple spokesperson explained and revealed that the week of July 19th–26th had “the 3 most-watched matches ever on MLS Season Pass, with viewers in almost 100 countries and regions around the world. And the fans for those matches were roughly split between the MLS Season Pass English and Spanish language broadcasts.”

And considering that Messi has only played in two matches so far, his presence might just be having a knock-on effect for the rest of the league, at least in the early stages. It really does help when he does things like this.

What Messi’s MLS Move Mean for the League As well As Its Partnership with Apple

Of course, it is still very much in its early stages, and without actual numbers, it is kind of hard to know just how much of an impact Messi has really had on subscribers. (Sports Business Journal prior to this reported that MLS Season Pass had close to 1 million subscribers pre-Messi.) But his presence has however generated new interest in the league, which will very much likely mean more people tuning in to watch. And Apple clearly knows what a big deal it is as the company has been heavily promoting his presence, issuing out a press release and even featuring the face of Messi at the top of the App Store.



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