Sell House Online for Free – Top 5 House Selling Websites

One of the best platforms to sell a house is to sell your house online for free. Placing a house for sale online gives you a lot of advantages. It is fast and most importantly, your house is exposed to potential buyers. Sell your house online is productive and you have control of the process.

Sell House Online for Free
Sell House Online for Free

Some websites allow you to sell your house online for free. If you are looking for online platforms where you can sell your house without fees, then you should consider reading this article to the end.

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Sell House Online for Free

In this present-day world, would be difficult to sell your house without going online. This is because out of five people looking for a house, four are searching online. Online platforms are easier and more efficient. How challenging you find the process depends on the process you decide, your financial goals, and your level of patience.

Although you can list your house on some websites for free, you’d still pay commission and marketing fees. The only way you can sell a house online without paying any form of commission and marketing fees is to sell without an agent. Also, by selling to a buyer who is not working with an agent.

How to Sell a House Online

Would you want to know a more simple way of selling properties? Do you have a house to sell and you don’t want to go through the stress of looking for buying you can easily get one online. Well, if yes, we will give you two ways of selling your house online as we continue with this content. Here are two ways to sell a house online:

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Sell Your House Online with a Real Estate Agent

This option is best for you to get the most exposure for your house. For your home to be known to a lot of potential buyers, it should be on the multiple listing service. This service is available to several sites to give your house the necessary exposure.

Licensed agents are members of MLS. If you hire an MLS agent, they post photos and details of your house on their local MLS. Buyers can easily find the homes listed on the multiple listing service online. Real service agents handle the entire process of marketing and selling your homes online.

This can make the process less stressful for you. However, you’ll need to pay a commission fee both to your agent and to the buyer’s agent.

Sell Your House Online with as Sale by Owner

When you sell your house without the help of a real estate agent, you’ll handle the entire process on your own. This helps you to save money. If you opt for this, you will have a limited list of potential buyers. However, some websites allow you to put the details of your house on their MLS list at a flat rate. Although, this could be ineffective as your house might not be advertised for buyers to see it.

Selling your home online by yourself will save the commission fee meant for your agent. However, you’d still have to pay the commission fee of the buyer’s agent.

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Top 5 House Selling Websites

Online platforms are the most convenient for selling houses. There are several websites where you can advertise your homes, using a good one can save you from financial loss. Below are the 5 best house-selling websites:


Zillow is a renowned site for home sellers. On this website, you can sell your homes with the help of an agent or through sales by the owner. The website is very effective. It has a database of several million homes in the US.

If you are going FSBO, this website provides a platform where you can easily check your pricing without cost. This will help you estimate the worth of your home. Also, if you choose an agent, they will make sure you save money by correctly estimating the value of your house.


Since 1999, these professional real estate agents have been advertising homes for sellers. This website has featured homes for sale in over 50 states in the USA. Homefinder has an online search portal that features lots of listings to help sellers and buyers achieve their real estate goals.

This agent is a suitable one for you to consider as it claims to update its listings frequently every day. The website also provides detailed information about the neighbourhood of the homes on the listing.

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This real estate agent has more features than its other online competitors. It is operated by News Corp Subsidiary Move, Inc. It is one of the most visited home sellers’ websites in the US. From analysis, it has the most accurate listings.

It also provides listings for more regions than other home sellers’ real estate agents. If you work with a professional agent on this website, you will be supported throughout the entire process of selling and marketing your house.

Through this website, you can sell your house by yourself. The platform provides you with everything you need to sell your home. This includes a home listing coordinator to direct you on your listing needs. Also, they help you to list your homes to the local MLS to help you get potential buyers.

This website also has simple tools with which you can determine the price of your home. However, research has shown that the estimates are sometimes inaccurate. This could make your home overvalued, thus, making your house to be on the market at times. Also, sometimes houses are undervalued. This can make a home seller lose financially.

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This platform is used mainly by FSBO sellers. You can easily upload pictures of your home and upload them on your profile. Also, you can do a video tour of the house, this will make it more detailed for potential buyers.

If you choose this platform, you can look out for the way agents market homes. This can help you to be professional in the way you upload photographs and in your listing description.


Is Selling a House Online a Good Idea?

It is a good idea. When you list your house for sale online, it gets exposure to a large number of potential buyers. It is faster and more convenient to sell through the traditional method. Also, if you chose to sell the house without an agent, you get to save the commission you would have paid to your agent.

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How Can You Sell Your House Online Without Estate Agent?

You can carry out the following steps if you do not want to sell your house with the help of an agent:

  • Research the local market
  • Set a competitive price
  • Prepare and stage the house
  • Take professional photos
  • Create an accurate listing
  • Screen buyers
  • Negotiate offers
  • Accept an offer

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What is The Secret to The Fast Sale of a Property?

The main secret to selling a property such as a house fast is the listing. If your listing is accurate and not overpriced, it attracts potential buyers quickly. Hence, to sell a house fast, you might need to lower the price of the property.

How can You Sell your Listing Faster?

To sell the listing for your house fast, you need to make it available on online platforms. Also, uploading suitable photos and videos could help. You can also consider making your listing professional in style.



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