Lineup of Garmin Flagship Smartwatch Reportedly Leaks

The lineup of Garmin flagship smartwatch reportedly leaks rather early. A host of freshly leaked images from WinFuture shows a new Garmin Epix Pro Gen 2 smartwatch alongside the Fenix 7X Pro and the 7 Pro.

Garmin Flagship Smartwatch Leaks

Garmin Flagship Smartwatch Leaks

The lineup of Garmin’s smartwatch is getting a huge upgrade. A set of leaked images that were shared by WinFuture gives us a detailed and extensive look at some of the upcoming flagships of Garmin, and this is including the Epix Pro Gen 2, Fenix 7X Pro, and Fenix 7 Pro that are all set to go head-to-head with the Apple Watch Ultra.

It now looks like the “Pro” version of the premium Epix Gen 2 watch will be coming in a couple of different display sizes: 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm, which is very nice given the fact that the standard Epix Gen only came in one 47mm size. There is also the option for a sapphire crystal display that is supposed to make it much more scratch-resistant, alongside various color variations, which is inclusive of white, black, and off-white.

Specs and Pricing

And while WinFuture does not include any details in regards to the specs or pricing, prior rumors to this reveal that the Epix Gen 2 watch could reportedly cost €950 which is around $1,034 for the 42mm version, €1,050 which is around $1,142 for the 47mm, and €1,150 which is approximately $1,252 for the 52mm size. We, unfortunately, do not know whether the Epix Gen 2 Pro will be coming with cellular connectivity with this launch. This is a feature that the Garmin Epix 2 sorely lacks.

Two Newly Announced Additions to Fenix Series Smartwatches

Next up are two newly announced and anticipated additions to the Fenix series smartwatches of Garmin and they are the Fenix 7X Pro and Fenix 7 Pro. And just like the existing Fenix 7 watch, WinFuture reveals that the 7 Pro and 7X Pro will be coming with the option for either a Solar or Sapphire Solar display.

The outlet however does not provide any more details on potential sizes, but it is still very much possible that they could come in the same 42mm, 47gm, and 51mm options as the Fenix 6 Pro series watches and the Fenix 7. WinFuture also shows off the golf-focused Approach S70 of Garmin as well, which as you should know could come in three colors which are gray, white, and black.

Is Garmin Coming Out With a New Fenix

The Fenix 7 line as you should know was launched in January 2022, but the company Garmin however does appear to have hastened things up in regards to its schedule just recently. So with that being said, it is not quite out of the question as to whether a new Fenix may just be released in the later parts of this year. And I guess you already know the answer to that question. Typically, Fenix watches come in three sizes which could well explain the trio of FCC applications.



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