LG 65-Inch C2 OLED TV Hits All-Time Low Price at Woot

LG 65-inch C2 OLED TV hits an all-time low price at Woot as it is being sold at $1,395 currently saving you $1,105 in the process. This very deal will help you upgrade your home cinema with one of the best high-end TVs at the lowest price that has ever been seen for the TV.

LG 65-Inch C2 OLED TV

LG 65-Inch C2 OLED TV

While OLED screens as you should already know do offer the best image quality you can get, they however tend to be prohibitively expensive. However, if you get to shop around, you can find great deals on various OLED TVs that make getting one a whole lot more easy. And According to David Katzmaier of CNET, the LG C2 is still the best high-end TV that you can get for the money. And right about now, you can get a brand-new 65-inch model for as little as $1,395 at Woot thus giving you a savings of $1,105 and it is also the lowest price that we have seen in that regard. This very offer is however available now through May 15, while supplies last, of course.

Specs and Features

The TV itself in question is optimized for a true cinematic experience in the comfort of your home, as it’s a 9 Gen 5 AI processor, 8 million self-lit pixels, 4K resolution, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos as well as a Filmmaker Mode combining to give it “better picture quality than any non-OLED TV,” as per CNET’s Katzmaier. And in the event that you are a gamer, this very TV has Nvidia G-Sync, FreeSync Premium as well as a variable refresh rate of 120Hz so that you can have lag-free gaming sessions alongside four HDMI 2.1 ports for your consoles or other types of device. Katzmaier reveals that these are “best-in-class gaming features.”

There is also built-in support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay, and many more, which simply means that you can use voice commands to control this set as well as connected devices. You also can get personalized recommendations for every member of your family simply by making separate accounts.

How Long Can OLED TV Last

This is one very common concern among users. But one thing you should know is that the technology has proven with time to be both durable and reliable. OLED TVs are very well known to have a life span of close to 100,000 hours or there about which is equal to more than a decade of utilization, with an average of 8-10 daily watching hours.

Is OLED Better Than QLED

In regards to picture quality, OLED TVs are considered to be the greater option of the two due to their perfect blacks and infinite contrast. QLED TVs however can still get to produce very high brightness levels and color accuracy and they are at most times very much more affordable than their counterparts, OLED TVs.



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