The 65-inch LG C2 Series TV is $1,000 off at Woot

The 65-inch LG C2 Series TV is $1,000 off at Woot thus taking t to a record-low price but only for a limited time.

The 65-inch LG C2 Series TV is $1,000 off at Woot

The 65-inch LG C2 Series TV is $1,000 off at Woot

With a superior picture quality, OLED TVs are fast becoming increasingly famous, although their prices can still be a hindering factor in getting them. If you have however got the budget for a premium smart TV, LG’s C2 Series OLED TV is the best high-end TV you can purchase for the money, and Woot at the moment is making it a lot more affordable.

The retailer is offering users and shoppers the 65-inch model at a big discount but only for a limited time, thus dropping it down to just $1,500. This very TV launched last year at $2,500 and, although the price has gradually come down since its launch, it still doesn’t go far below $1,700 at retailers such as Best Buy and B&H.

Why You Should Get In On This Deal

The C2 Series topples many of CNET’s best TV lists, and this is including the best smart TVsbest 4K TVs, and overall best TV collections for those that are looking at high-end options. We got to find out in our testing, to be the pinnacle of picture quality right about now with perfect black levels, unbeatable contrast, and superb off-angle viewing. It even has some stellar gaming-focused features such as Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, and LG’s own Game Optimizer plus a 120Hz refresh rate and powerful A9 Gen5 AI processor so browsing the TV feels very sharp and fast.

The 65-Inch LG C2 Series TV Specs and Features

This TV as you should know also looks super sleek, which is very important if it is going to take pride of place in your living room, and the WebOS software installed in it is easy enough to utilize, if a little crowded, with free access to all of the streaming applications that you would want. And if you don’t like the built-in software, there are four other HDMI 2.1 ports for hooking up something such as an Apple TV or Fire TV Stick if that is your preferred option.



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