JournalismFund Professional Development Grants For Environmental Journalism 2024 (up to €115,000) – APPLY NOW

Currently, there is an ongoing application process for the JournalismFund Professional Development Grants for Environmental Journalism 2024. These grants aim to assist and enhance environmental investigative journalism as a whole by funding activities and services.

JournalismFund Professional Development Grants For Environmental Journalism 2024
JournalismFund Professional Development Grants For Environmental Journalism 2024

The grants are designed to promote collaborative development and support for environmental investigative journalism by providing financial support to organizations and institutions for training and professional development programs.

JournalismFund Professional Development Grants For Environmental Journalism 2024

These programs can include skills-focused training or fellowship opportunities that specifically target the improvement of investigative journalists’ abilities to report on environmental issues.


  • The total available amount per call for distribution among supported projects is estimated to be around €115,000.

Eligibility criteria

  • This grant program is open to incorporated legal entities (organizations, companies, etc.) that possess demonstrable expertise in investigative journalism, environmental issues, and/or the development of supporting services.
  • Eligible proposals must involve enabling activities and supporting services for environmental investigative journalism in Europe. These can include training and professional development programs, as well as other activities, services, or tools that help journalists enhance their skills in reporting on environmental issues.
  • The project should have a clear definition and be limited in duration. The grant cannot be used for core funding or to finance the permanent operations of an organization.
  • Individuals (natural persons) are not eligible to apply for this grant.
  • If the project involves collaboration between multiple organizations, one organization should apply for the JournalismFund Europe grant.

Assessment Criteria

The evaluation criteria for proposals include:

  • The experience and relevance of the partners involved
  • The feasibility of the project
  • How the project complements and adds value to existing initiatives supporting environmental investigative journalism in Europe
  • The quality and realism of the budget plan
  • The necessity of (co-)funding for the project

In addition, the jury will consider the diversity of the selected projects by looking at the variety of:

  • Forms (e.g., articles, documentaries, data visualizations)
  • Topics addressed
  • Methods and approaches used
  • Regions covered 

How To Apply For The Grant

  • To start the application process, you must first register by creating an account. This will give you permission to use the online application form. To create an account, please click on the provided link.
  • Once you have access to the online form, Within form, you can freely navigate and review the required information for your application. This includes:
  • Details regarding team members involved in the project.
  • Information regarding the planned investigation.
  • Specifications about the intended publication channels, including any necessary letters of intent from news outlets
  • A comprehensive budget using our provided template.
  • Uploading of certain administrative documents as required.
  • One team member can initiate a draft application. They can then invite multiple collaborators to contribute to the online draft. The application-in-progress can be saved and edited at any time.

For more details about JournalismFund Investigation Grants for Environmental Journalism, please visit the official website.

Application Deadline

February 8, 2024.



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