TRACE For Investigative Prize Reporting 2021

TRACE Prize For Investigative Reporting 2021 is one of the major organizations that promote commercial transparency and good governors. This is powered by the TRACE organization.

The organization is a globally recognized business anti-bribery organization and a leading provider of commercial transparency and third-party risk management solution.

Are you looking for a globally recognized anti-bribery organization to seek partnership with? Do you want to prove your ability on business transparency to seek more customers? Are you interest in an anti-bribery business organization where you can place your personal challenges?

Then, TRACE is welcoming you into their organization for all the tips and knowledge about business and uncovering commercial bribery.

TRACE For Investigative Prize Reporting 2021

TRACE For Investigative Prize Reporting 2021

This is an opportunity for all the journalists out there that are determined to deliver credible and truthful information to win a golden price.

The organization has different members and clients that include hundreds of multinational companies headquartered worldwide. The organization is made up of two major distinct entities. Which are TRACE international and TRACE incorporated.

The TRACE organization receives extraordinary examples of investigative journalism which exposes corruption with the aim of advancing accountability and transparency. Corruption is a global virus and the TRACE organization is out to treat the virus of corruption in the area of business.

Guidelines For The Application TRACE For Investigative Prize Reporting 2021

These are a guideline for the application of the competition;

  • All entries made by applicants must involve business-related bribery or financial crime
  • Obtain permission to nominate anybody from the person or you may submit your own work.
  • All entries must appear in print, online, or broadcast media during 2020. Entries must be accompanied by a translator if not originally written in English
  • Books are not accepted for the TRACE for Investigative Prize Reporting 2021
  • Include a scan if your entry is only in prints
  • Send a link or a file if entry is a broadcast journalism

Worth Of The Award

A panel of independent judges will receive the submissions and select up to two winners by the organization. Each winner receives a cash prize of US$10,000.

The reporter winners are then invited to an award ceremony by the host organization where the judges may give US$1,000 to the winners.

How To Apply

To apply follow this step;

  • Visit the official website on your web browser to commerce your application
  • Click on the “APPLY” button when you roll your mouse once
  • This will lead you to a fresh page containing the application form for the TRACE For Investigative Prize Reporting 2021
  • On the form, fill in your author’s name, title, and organization of authors and email phone number
  • State how you hear about the prize and date of publication of the article in the required boxes
  • Write a summary of your investigation of 250-500 words or upload a document of your investigation or provide a link to access the article
  • Finally, on the application click on the “SUBMIT APPLICATION” button.

Click here to apply. Good luck to you for you have successfully applied for the TRACE for Investigative Prize Reporting 2021.

Please contact TRACE international for information concerning the application deadline.

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