iPhone’s Big Accessibility Focus is a Larger Deal Than You Realize

iPhone’s Big Accessibility Focus is a Larger Deal Than You Realize. The latest iPhone 14 lineups play out a sound when turned on or offer to assist people with visual impairments to know when those actions get performed, but it happens to be an example of a much larger focus on accessibility and highlights just how Apple stands head and shoulders just above the competition for people with disabilities.

iPhone’s Big Accessibility Focus is a Larger Deal Than You Realize

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iPhone’s Big Accessibility Focus is a Larger Deal Than You Realize

While it remains true that a lot of people can look at their iPhone just to see what it is up to, that is not a luxury that everyone can afford, and it is those people that stand to benefit not only from a new startup and shutdown chime but also Apple’s continued focus on making its devices even more accessible.

According to Lifewire, they were told by Chris Lewis via email that “Fundamentally, any sound or haptic feedback which informs the [visually impaired] that something is happening is really useful.” Lewis added that he wishes other household devices are offering a similar accessibility-focused feature.

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A New Feature

Apple’s latest feature is simply one on its face. When you enable it, it would play a chime whenever the iPhone is fully turned on. Also, it can be configured to play a different chime when the iPhone is being turned off, also. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 pro models. The chime is embedded right into a part of the software that you cannot alter right after creating it, so older iPhones cannot be retrofitted with it.

While some people are looking at the new chime as sometimes great to be using right now, it is a much bigger deal for iPhone users with poor eyesight. Also, according to Lifewire, they were told by an accessibility podcast via email that “Setting up an iPhone when you are blind is such a frustration. We always have to ask a friend, [but the] chime [brings] it a step closer to being able to set up the phone on your own.” Get more insight at Lifewire.

The Accessibility Focus

Even though the chime is getting more attention, it is important that you note this is far from the very first accessibility feature Apple has added to its products, which is something Apple has become quite synonymous with.

According to Lauds Lewis, “Apple has been ahead of the game when it comes to accessibility,” he went further to state “Android has caught up a lot in recent years, but Apple is still seen as the benchmark.”

Also, he points out that while Apple’s Voiceover feature makes it quite possible for an iPhone to read what is displayed on-screen, it is not just Apple that needs to be on board. He also adds that “Apart from its own Voiceover and other disability features, it also encourages app developers to conform to its toolkit design for accessibility.”

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What Does Focus Mean in iPhone Settings?

With the iOS 15 and the iPad OS 15 or later, the focus would allow you to stay in the moment when you need to concentrate or move away from your device. You can choose to customize this focus setting and then select when you would like to receive alerts and notifications while allowing other people and apps to know when you are doing something.

Is Focus the Same as Do Not Disturb?

Both the “Do Not Disturb” Mode and “Focus” mode can control the notification from some kind of app. When the modes are active while blocking notifications, clearing away any open notifications from specific apps, and stopping any further notifications from showing up would become possible.

What is Focus Mode?

The Focus Mode is a digital well-being feature that basically pauses distractive apps and notifications on your device, enabling you to get things done.

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