iPhone Control Center Customization

iPhone Control Center Customization. iPhones happen to be one of the most user-friendly phones available out there today thanks to their quick-to-navigate interface that was built close to about 2 decades ago, from 2007 to today.

iPhone Control Center Customization

Anything you choose to install would in turn produce a corresponding app icon on your home screen, which you can easily drag to a different screen or to a different folder with other similarly themed apps.

iPhone Control Center Customization

Also you can create shortcuts and add widgets on the home screen that would make viewing or launching the services that you use every day quick and convenient. Another place that you can do that is the control center, where you can instantly access the iPhone settings you tweak the most.

The control center happens to be the iPhone’s shortcut drawer of sorts, which you can always get by swiping down straight from the top-right edge of the phone screen or swiping up right from the bottom if you happen to own an iPhone with a home button no matter what app or page you have open onscreen.

It is where you would find the buttons for important iPhone functions, which include flashlight, screen brightness, and volume, to name some. Also you can easily initiate a screen recording or toggle settings or features like Do not disturb, airplane mode, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

How To Customize the Control Center On iPhone

What is amazing about the control center is that you get to modify which shortcuts would appear. Also, you can choose to add quick links to apps, settings, and more. Below I have put together the steps involved in customizing your control center:

  • First launch the settings app
  • Tap on Control Center
  • Controls that are already in the control center should be listed under “Included controls.” In other to remove it and hit the “-“ symbol right next to it, Then remove it.
  • More options are listed under “More controls.” Tap the “+” icon located close to the control to add it to the control center
  • Rearrange controls by long-pressing the hamburger icon next to an item and dragging it to a different position.

By default, the control center is accessible from any screen, but just in case, make sure that access within is enabled. If you leave it disabled, you can still access the control center from the home screen. If you are using the Apple Home app and own any compatible devices, you can enable show home controls so that you can add shortcuts and scenes to the control center, offering you quick access to lights, thermostats, cameras, and many more.

Also, you can only add, remove, and reorganize apps and functions in the lower portion of the control center. Some elements cannot be removed, like the connections box or the focus button. A lot of options carry some additional options that you can access when you long-press on their icon in the control center, just like the screen brightness and volume.


How do I change my Control Center Options?

Changing your control center options is not that complicated, just follow the steps below

  1. First head to the settings > Control Center
  2. Then tap on the add button next to the app or feature that you would like to add

How Do I Change Control Center in iOS 15?

In other to get that done, head to settings > Control Centre. Touch and hold the Reorder button and then move the controls in the order that you would like them to be.

How do I organize my iPhone Apps aesthetically?

In other to do this, follow the steps outlined below:

  • First, arrange them into folders and add custom icons. The simplest way to ensure your apps are properly organized is by creating a folder.’
  • Make use of custom icons
  • Select widgets for your home screen
  • Designate home screens according to category
  • Use wallpaper to tie in the aesthetic
  • Download an app for prebuilt themes.

Can I Add Apps to Control Center?

Once again, we can select the number of apps depending on orientation. Like before, select the second quicklaunches option and Edit, then drag and drop. To place your favorite third-party apps, like Instagram or Facebook, in the control center, head to the bottom of the screen and select Add App launcher.

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