How to Connect the Fitbit App to Apple Watch

Do you need knowledge on How to Connect the Fitbit App to Apple Watch? If you do this article is the perfect place for you. this article would give you details on how to get your Fitbit account with your apple watch, so you can gain easy access to maintaining your data, and challenges.

How to Connect the Fitbit App to Apple Watch

How to Connect the Fitbit App to Apple Watch

A Fitbit app is an app that makes it easy to connect to friends, start activity challenges, and read educational articles. Fitbit helps in tracking sleep, calories continuous heart rate monitoring. It also monitors your workouts. For more information on Fitbit with apple watch keep on reading.

The apple watch is the best smartwatch, the problem this article is trying to solve is how to successfully connect your apple watch to Fitbit. doing this would help you participate in the various community events offered by the Fitbit app.

To get started in connecting your Fitbit app to your apple watch you need to download Strava. Strava is one of the best apps when it comes to fitness tracking apps. Strava can help you connect with any service you want. These are the steps on how to use Strava to connect Fitbit to an apple watch.

  • You download and install the Strava app.
  • Once you have successfully installed the Strava app you create an account, then tap Agree to follow the other steps. Once you are done you would go to the Feed screen.
  • Tap on Connect a GPS watch or computer, then you would see a list of supported devices. Then you tap Apple Watch.
  • After doing that on the welcome screen you would see Get Started.
  • There are options on the next page, click on the setup checklist.
  • For your apple watch to connect to Strava, you must turn on location services, and accept their code of conduct.
  • Allow Strava to sync your motion and fitness from data from your apple watch. Then you decide if you want the app to send you notifications, you can also choose if you want Strava to monitor your heart rate.
  • After going through all this you can finally tap finish.

How to use Strava to connect Fitbit to Apple Watch

Once you are done going through the permissions you tap Done and head onto the next screen. Now connect your Fitbit app to your apple watch through Strava. You follow these steps.

  • You would download the Fitbit app to your apple watch, that’s if it has not been installed.
  • Then you log in to your account.
  • You tap on your account profile picture in the upper left corner.
  • You would see on the account page at the bottom, and at the bottom, you tap on third-party apps.
  • From the third-party apps, you tap on compatible apps.
  • You would go to and scroll and find Strava, and tap download on the app store.
  • Then you would go to Strava app on the app store, since you have already installed the Strava app, you tap open.
  • Then you connect a GPS watch or computer.
  • In the device type list, tap Fitbit, and connect Fitbit.
  • After doing this you enter your Fitbit account credentials and log in.
  • You log into your Strava account, then provide your login credentials and tap login.
  • You authorize Fitbit to connect to Strava.
  • You follow the on-screen prompts and link Fitbit with Strava.
  • After doing this you tap ok, got it.
  • You would see another screen that says almost there, read through and tap continue.
  • Finally, you tap allow.

After doing all these there is a chance that you might end up seeing an error message that tells you to try again. All you have to do is dismiss the message and continue as your Strava and Fitbit accounts have already been connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sync Fitbit Apple Health for Free?

First, you sign into using account credentials, then you pick the fitness fields you want to sync with apple health, then you click on sync now to sync your Fitbit data with apple health.

How to Use Fitbit App without a Fitbit?

The mobile tracks allow you to use the Fitbit app without a Fitbit device by using your phone’s sensors to track basic activity data including steps, distance, and calories burned.

How to use a Fitbit without a Phone?

Without your smartphone or computer, your Fitbit would not access streaming services, sleep status, and connected GPS.

Can I Wear Fitbit at All Times?

Wearing it for longer periods may cause skin irritation or allergies to some users. To avoid irritation, keep it clean, keep it dry, and don’t wear it light. You can give your wrist a rest by removing the band.

Can you Text on Fitbit?

The notification on your tracker would grant you access to the text. You can tap on the text icon to respond to the message, from a list of quick replies.

Can you Wear your Fitbit to Bed?

It is recommended that wearing your device in a snug wristband is better, instead of wearing it in a clip or pendant accessory.

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