How to Check your iPhone Battery Percentage

This article would be giving you easy and quick ways How to Check your iPhone Battery Percentage. Apple smartphones are the best phones available. Some of the iPhones don’t show their battery percentage.

How to Check your iPhone Battery Percentage

You could be having a low percentage and won’t have knowledge of it. if you have one of the best iPhone chargers nearby, then your battery life should not be a problem. As you go through this article, you would no longer have the need to stress about how to show the battery percentage on your iPhone.

How to Check your iPhone Percentage

Having a healthy battery helps you support the observed peak power requirements, and the amount of performance will be lowered.

The performance management would increase if an unexpected shutdown occurs. If the health of a battery is monitored, then it would take preventive action to avoid damage and eventually safeguard the battery from damage.

The battery life is prolonged by monitoring each battery. Checking your battery percentage helps you learn to improve practices and activities. It helps eliminate the risk of system failure.

To know your iPhone battery percentage keep on reading. there are a few ways to show the percent battery for iPhone. Keep on reading for more information.

Invoke Control Center

The control center is one way to check your battery percentage on your iPhone. All you have to do is swipe down, the top right corner of your screen to open the control center. There you would immediately see the percentage shown next to the battery icon.

Through Open Today View

You can also check your battery percentage through open today’s view, by using the batteries widget. It can be accessed by swiping right off the lock screen, or on the home screen’s first screen of apps.

If you do not have it installed on your iPhone, you can add the battery widgets manually. To get there, you click on today view, scroll to the bottom of the column of widgets and press the edit button. You tap the plus button at the top left corner of the screen to open the widget gallery. Then you enter batteries on the search field.

If you do not have apple accessories paired with your iPhone, then the first square widget would display the battery percentage. You won’t see the percentage unless you use a second or third widget, that’s if you have an apple watch or AirPods.

Through Adding a Battery Widget to your Home Screen

To get quick access to your battery percentage when it’s unlocked and on the home screen, you add a battery widget to it.

To do that, you long press on the blank area of the home screen or any individual screen of the apps. Then you tap on the plus button at the top left corner of the screen, to open the widget gallery. after doing that you enter batteries in the search bar and select.

Through Asking Siri

Are you a fan of Siri? If you are you can always ask for a virtual assistant. On how the battery life of your iPhone is and you would get an answer. Siri is apple’s virtual assistant.

It is a prime example of artificial intelligence integrating into the world. Siri impacts the traditional ways and also the ways of communicating. Siri helps in making phone calls, directing to maps, playing music, giving relevant information, and providing suitable driving directions.

Plug in Your iPhone

You can also check your iPhone battery percentage by plugging in your phone. By doing that you would see the battery percentage automatically displayed on your screen.

You can also extend the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery, by using optimized battery charging. All these processes should be able to give you knowledge on how to battery percentage on iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does iPhone 11 not Show the Battery Percentage?

The iPhone 11 does not show the battery percentage, due to the notch. You can’t see the battery percentage on the status bar, at the top of the screen as you do on iPhones with home buttons. Instead, you have to go to the control center to see the battery percentage.

How to Turn on The Battery percentage on iPhone 13?

The easiest and quickest way to let your iPhone 13 display the battery percentage is to go to the control center. There you would see the battery percentage of your iPhone, next to the battery icon in the status bar.

Can I Shower with my iPhone 11?

Using an iPhone 11 in the shower is a totally wrong idea. If the ambient moisture might not cause damage, direct exposure to the stream from the shower- head may likely spoil it.

Can iPhone 11 Take Photos Underwater?

Apple watch comes with IP68 water resistance, but not entirely waterproof. The water resistance feature is a good key to taking pictures underwater. Since the production of the iPhone 7, the iPhone has been water-resistant. The resistance keeps going up as new models are released.

What are the Cool Features of the iPhone 11?

The cool features of the iPhone 11 are a dual-lens rear camera, ultra-wide and wide lenses, night mode, Dolby Atmos, more durable glass, and new colors.

Does the iPhone 11 Overheat?

What causes overheating in iPhone 11, is if the Bluetooth and airdrop are running in the background and you are not making use of it. turning off the Bluetooth and airdrop connection when not in use, may help reduce heat.

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