International Postgraduate Scholarship 2022 At DeVry University – How to Apply Now

International Postgraduate Scholarship 2022 At DeVry University is now accepting applications from interested applicants. DeVry University Postgraduate Scholarship is a rare scholarship opportunity for graduate students with 2.0 and above. Most students with second class lower or third class degrees do not actually know that they can get a scholarship with such degree results.

International Postgraduate Scholarship 2022 At DeVry University

International Postgraduate Scholarship 2022 At DeVry University

Graduates with low or bad grades usually have lower chances of securing a scholarship program, especially in a society where much emphasis is placed on good grades. However, there are certain scholarship opportunities for graduates with second class or third class degrees, and it will interest you to know that majority of these scholarship programs are mostly established and sponsored by organizations in partnership with participating universities.

Devry University Postgraduate Scholarship is one such Institution and aid Program that offers an International Postgraduate Scholarship for 2.0 and above GPA. Most of the time, Scholarship donors often consider the aid Programs as an investment rather than a gift, this you would usually find some level of strict conditions attached to the programs.

This article seeks to extend your knowledge of one of the best scholarship programs that you can apply for further your postgraduate studies. let’s take a look at the DeVry University  Postgraduate Scholarship opportunities for graduates with second class lower (2.2) or third class degrees.

About DeVry University Postgraduate Scholarship 2022

DeVry University Postgraduate Scholarship award amounts are earned based on the student’s GPA and enrollment status; either a full-time, half-time, or three-quarter time. Also, the higher the cumulative grade point average, the larger the Scholarship award amount maybe, up to $2,500 per semester for full-time enrollment with a 3.25 GPA or higher for the scholarship, while students with a 2.5 to 3.25 GPA may earn up to $2,000 per semester.

Details of DeVry University Postgraduate Scholarship 2022

  • The Classes Start May 2, 2022
  • This Scholarship program is offered annually
  • Eligible Countries/Individuals: The scholarship is open to International Students
  • Country of Study: USA

About the Award: DeVry University Postgraduate Scholarships are available to applicants based on their GPA and enrollment level. Successful applicants enrolling in associate or bachelor’s degree programs will receive an award ranging from $500 per qualifying semester up to a $ 25,000-lifetime award cap.

  • Type of program: Undergraduate and Master’s degree
  • Number of Awardees: Not Specified
  • Scholarship worth: 2.0 to 2.49 to $50 to $1000

2.5 to 3.24 – $1000-$2000

3.25 and above – $1250-$2500

  • Duration of Scholarship: One time

Requirements for DeVry University Postgraduate Scholarship 2022

  • Those seeking to apply for this scholarship should know that recipients are responsible for all other educational expenses.
  • The funds are only available for degree-seeking students
  • Please note that Readmit and resume students are not eligible for DeVry scholarships unless specified within specific award criteria.
  • Also, Alumni of DeVry University or its Keller Graduate School of Management are not eligible for scholarships unless specified within specified award criteria.
  • The Scholarship applications must be received prior to the start of classes to be eligible.
  • Successful applicants who do not start within two terms will have their award expire and will have to reapply for available offerings at the time of actual enrollment.
  • It is expected that recipients of this scholarship meet certain continuing eligibility criteria and progress in a timely manner toward completing their programs.
  • In other to maintain scholarship or Gramm eligibility, recipients must remain in good academic standing and meet additional conditions outlined in the terms and conditions document sent to award recipients.
  • Any Student who is eligible for multiple group tuition rates, pricing, programs, scholarships, or grants will receive the one most beneficial.
  • Successful applicants must acknowledge receipt of the terms and conditions document pertaining to their specific scholarship. However, the disbursement of funds may be withheld until receipt of this document is acknowledged in writing and returned by recipients.

How to Apply for DeVry University Scholarship

To apply, visit the official scholarship webpage. the webpage would get you everything you need to apply for the DeVry Scholarship program.


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