International Coference on Management and Information Technology – Technological Events

The international conference on management and information technology, a long waiting event is here again and it fully set out to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research result about all aspects of management and information Technology.

international conference on management and information technology

Academics world 1320th international conference on management conference in management and information technology (ICMIT), having understood how difficult it will be to analyze to the lowest minimum an average human begin can understand saw the need to hold its 5th conference for information evaluation purposes.

international conference on management and information technology

Have been on a long wait just for this amazing conference? Well, here comes the end of your wait, as the “ICMIT conference” is set to kick off on “June 28th – 29th 2022”, Hence, there is every need to start preparing for the coming conference. However, the program is set to provide the most recent innovation, trends and concerns.

As it is not much a known fact, we will like to make it known to all our readers, that the international conference on management and information technology is a federal organization conference and it has long teamed up with the special journal issues on managing information technology.

Technological Events

You may want to ask if the ICMIT is referred to as a technological event? Well, fortunately, the answer is a “YES”. The ICMIT is a technological event. This is so because as all research, research scholars and other intellectuals will be emphasizing on the importance of information management and technological uses and importance, and digital tools will be in use, hence, it will be more understandable as it is performed. However, you can also call the event an “information technology event”.

Conference Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities

How would you like it attending this kind of amazing conference by 2023? Well, it would even be more interesting by next year, as every year the platform keeps bringing out new versions of itself. Notwithstanding, ICMIT gives all interested anticipating sponsors the opportunity to sponsor the program monetarily. However, to get more information, you can visit the platform 2023 official conference website at to seek help on how to sponsor its upcoming 2022 conference.

international conference on management and information technology Application

Are you interested in applying for a ticker to the conference? Then, you are on the right content, as we will be teaching you how to apply for a ticker to the event. Nevertheless, there are different means one can apply for the conference. These includes

  • Paper submission.
  • Author registration.
  • Volunteerism.
  • Sponsorship and exhibition.
  • Listener Registration.

These are the ways in which you can register and become a participant in the conference.

How to Register for an international conference on management and information technology Application

It is better to start your registration on time so as not to make a late registration, as the deadline for registration has not been communicated to anyone yet. To register, you can follow the steps below

  • Turn on your device and connect your device to a strong internet connection.
  • Launch the website on your web browser to access the platform or you can click on Note this website is for the 2023 upcoming conference. However, you can make a 2022 registration via the website.
  • Click on the “registration” button at the top of the website.
  • Scroll down the website.
  • Click on the “contact” button below the website.

Call the given number displayed on the website and seek help on the registration process.

When is an international conference on management and information technology?

The long-awaiting conference is here and all interested participant should get their hands on desks as the program is set to commence “June 28th through 29th 2022” at Shakarparian National Park and the time is 09:00 am to 06: pm (general).

Guidelines for Authors

The Guidelines for authors say that all participant should ensure all submission meets the conference Strick guides for accepting scholarly papers. These papers refer to registration application papers. Download versions of the checklist for full-text papers and abstract papers.

international conference on management and information technology Special Journal Issues

international conferences on management and information technology have teamed up with special journals, just like we mentioned before. Hence, this union is to manage information technology. However, a good number of selected high-impactful text papers will be considered for special journal issues. All paper submission has the opportunity to be considered for this special journal issue. Furthermore, the paper selection will be done during the peer review on the conference stage.



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