Intel Confirms Raptor Lake CPUs Will Hit 6GHz

Intel confirms raptor lake CPUs will hit 6GHz straight out of the box. This means that the milestone for speed is set to be reached, but when will this happen is still in the wind.

Intel Confirms Raptor Lake CPUs Will Hit 6GHz

Intel Confirms Raptor Lake CPUs Will Hit 6GHz

Chip-making company Intel has been for some time now boasting about its next-gen raptor lake processors and how they will be able to get to as high as 6GHz stock settings and no less with it.

This new bit of info is reported by Tom’s Hardware and including some other nuggets besides emerged at the company Technology Tour 2022 in Israel where a host of presentations have been made and as you might have expected, mostly under embargo.

6GHz Boost Speed Publicly Aired By Intel

However, one thing that was aired publicly is that 6GHz boost speed, which the fastest Raptor Lake CPU of course will now be capable of hitting, which is something that is quite a remarkable claim.

Intel during the tour also lets users and enthusiasts alike know that an 8GHz already has been achieved although this is something that has been heard of already. This is equally a remarkable feat, but it is one that is not very practical as overclocking at this very level requires cooling of liquid nitrogen and a host of other caveats besides.

Raptor Lake Will Be 15% Quicker and Faster Than Alder Lake in Single-Threaded

You should know that Team Blue already had some performance figures on their own end too with the news that going by the SPECintrate_2017 benchmark, Raptor lake will be 15% quicker and faster than Alder Lake in single-threaded, and 41% in multi-threaded with the latter doubtless being the evidence of a major boost in efficiency cores with this very incoming generation.

You should however take this with the type of skepticism that should normally be applied to any pre-release marketing benchmarks as these always are picked to make the silicon appear at its very best.


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