knights of Columbus Scholarship – Eligibility and How to Apply

If you want to go back to school or to further your studies but are hindered because of a lack of funds, the Knights of Columbus scholarship is the best for you. If you are looking at studying at a Catholic university or college in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Philippines. You can get some financial assistance with this scholarship. You will find all the information you need to know about this scholarship on this page.

knights of Columbus Scholarship

knights of Columbus Scholarship

The Knights of Columbus was instituted by Father Michael J.McGivney in the year 1882. The organization provides funds for women and children. This was started because of the tremendous need that arose in his parish.

Later on, the organization became a Catholic charitable and fraternal organization. It gives away close to a million dollars annually in scholarships.

The Knights of Columbus gives awards worth $905,204.88 every year to 677 students. It has about two million members and has chapters in Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines

Why Apply for the Knights of Columbus Scholarship?

This scholarship will be very useful if you have a financial need for your studies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The organization has a very good record of giving out awards to massive amounts of students every year. In the year 2018 – 2019, the scholarship gave out over $700,000 to 450 students.

How do I earn the Knights of Columbus Grant?

this scholarship is available for knights and their children. To earn this scholarship, you must be a member of this organization.

The organization has membership programs throughout the 50 states of America. It is open to Catholic men who are in Union with the Holy See and those that practice the precepts of the Catholic church.

The males must be at least 18 years of age, and they must agree to commit at least 24 hours a year to voluntary work. Those interested should contact their local chapter, and submit their application having a statement of their interest to join the annual commitment. The local members vote and admitted members are Invited to join the initiation.

The initiation rituals of the Knights of Columbus are secret. Therefore, membership is in four different levels that can take up to a year to advance through. The firth level members may join the honor guard and exhibit full knights of Columbus regalia including the sword.

There are ten different district scholarships offered to the children of Knights and knights themselves.

Eligibility Criteria for the Knights of Columbus Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must fulfill the following criteria;

  • All applicants must be a freshman or undergraduates in a program leading to a Bachelor’s degree. The institution of attendance must be a catholic college or a catholic university.
  • The member must be in good standing with the Knights of Columbus, the son or daughter of a member of the knight’s group.
  • All students applying to the Catholic University of America should indicate their interest in the Knight of Columbus scholarship on the University admission application.

These are the major eligibility criteria needed for the knights of Columbus scholarship.

How to Apply for Knights of Columbus Scholarships

To apply for the Knights of Columbus scholarships, you can either write them at their official email or click the application link. To get the contact details, visit the official website, at When you get to the website, click on any of the scholarships that interest you and you will be led to a new page containing more information about the scholarship and how to apply.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship Deadlines

at the Knights of Columbus, Undergraduate scholarships are given to Incoming freshmen and are normally renewed after the duration of four years. Every year, scholarships application is opened after October 1st.

Knights of Columbus Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

Is Knight of Columbus Scholarship for High School?

Knight of Columbus Scholarship was created for students of catholic colleges and universities in the following places: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

Who Are the Winners of Knights of Columbus 2022?

After the application process, the winners of the Knights of Columbus scholarship will be selected from a list of students who have applied through their catholic college or university. To be selected for this scholarship, you will be required to send in your applications after you have confirmed that you are eligible.

How Do I Write a Knight of Columbus Scholarship Essay?

To apply for any of the scholarships, go to the official website of the scholarship;, and click on your choice scholarship. You will be required to download the application form and email the required details or attachment in pdf, or word format to the address given on the page.

How Can I Request the Knights of Columbus Application

to request an application for the Knights of Columbus application, visit the application website,


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