Independent Auditors Just Confirmed NordVPN Apps and Servers Secure

Independent auditors just confirmed NordVPN apps and servers secure. Experts at Cure53 examined both the servers and infrastructure and app security of the company.

Independent Auditors Just Confirmed NordVPN Apps and Servers Secure

Independent Auditors Just Confirmed NordVPN Apps and Servers Secure

NordVPN which is one of the best VPN services around at the moment has called the services of an independent cybersecurity company to test the security of its software.

Experts at Cure53 have examined both the server infrastructure and apps security of Nord, thus garnering a robust impression overall.

Once again, the result confirmed the eagerness of the provider to ensure transparent operations, advanced online security, and reliable privacy of users. Nord not long ago passed its third no-logs audit excellently.

Nord Is Committed To Strong Online Security for Its Clients

“Dedication to product development and a happy customer always pay off. We continuously improve the overall performance of our service and develop advanced VPN features, giving our users increased online security,” CTO at NordVPN Marijus Briedis said.

One pivotal feature of a VPN service is indeed strong online security. And this is something that the biggest name in the industry has put into consideration and is under scrutiny.

The third-party auditors conducted a couple of white-box penetration tests and source code audits to help evaluate the server’s infrastructures as well as the desktop apps (windows, Linus, MacOS) of NordVPN as well as Android VPN and iOS VPN apps.

The Tests Were Carried Out Between September/October and July/August 2022

The tests in question were carried out between September/October and July/August 2022 respectively.

The audit of the servers and infrastructure of Nord found a total of eleven problems, among which only just one was categorized as a security vulnerability.

Experts were however pleased to confirm NordVPN as secure and overall garnering “a relatively strong impression.”

The Test on the VPN Applications of NORD Gained a Mixed Reaction

The test on the VPN applications of NORD however gained a mixed reaction with a total of 22 among some security vulnerabilities and general weaknesses.

And despite locating a couple of areas of improvement, Cure53 confirmed that “the entire client software complex has already made strong progress from a security perspective.”

Many of the problems do not actually exist anymore or are planned to be fixed at a sooner date with upcoming updates.

Our developers fixed all detected vulnerabilities, and they were approved by Cure53, ensuring that NordVPN implemented all mitigations correctly,” Briedis said.


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