Outage Due To Cybersecurity Incident According To Dish

Outage due to cybersecurity incident according to Dish. The satellite TV provider has said that certain data was taken during the breach but as of now, it does not know if that includes the personal information of customers.

Outage Due To Cybersecurity Incident According To Dish

Outage Due To Cybersecurity Incident According To Dish

Dish network on Tuesday confirmed that an outage that began last week impacting its websites, customer call centers, and internal communications was the result of a cybersecurity incident.

Dish’s Official Statement on Its Website Regarding the Outage

The satellite TV provider in a statement on its website said “certain data was extracted from our IT systems” as a part of the incident. Dish also said that its investigation is ongoing and that it could reveal that “extracted data includes personal information.” If that is the case the company has stated that, Dish will notify all affected customers.

The Data Breach Took Place on February 23

The data breach which was reported by CNBC initially took place on February 23 and right now, Dish is still working on its end to restore its systems. The company has said that many of its customers have been unable to make payments, access their accounts, or even get to customer service desks due to the incident.

On request for additional comment on the matter, Dish did not respond immediately.


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