Humble Bundle Raises $200 Million for Charity Thanks To Generous Gamers

Humble bundle raises $200 million for charity thanks to generous gamers. Remember Humble Bundle – the digital storefront that announces time-limited, pay-what-you-want game bundles regularly, also which each sets aside a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Humble Bundle Raises $200 Million for Charity Thanks To Generous Gamers

The company however announced this week that it has now raised more than $200 million for good reasons all over the world. If you, therefore, play video games on PVC, then the chances that you have purchased something from the platform before are very high.

Humble Bundle Raises $200 Million for Charity Thanks To Generous Gamers

The concept of the company, Humble Bundle first came to light in 2010 and was pioneered by Indie game studio Wolfire Games. However, it was quickly an independent entity with a dedicated storefront and publishing subsidiary, humble games. At the moment, the company offers bundles for comics, software, books, and also a monthly subscription service known as humble choice.

Official Statement from the Company

Recently, the company raised more than $1.17 million for relief initiatives for COVID-19 via its humble heal bundle. The company wrote in a blog post that “today we are excited to announce that since that very first bundle in 2010, tens of millions of you have now helped raise a total of $200 through your humble purchases, resulting in unparalleled support from the global gaming community for important social causes.”

About Humble Bundle 

Humble Bundle is a platform that sells games, ebooks, Software and other digital content. It has a major focus on helping and giving to charity. Outside its amazing interest in giving and supporting charity, it provides exciting content to customers and users of the platform at great prices.

In 2010, it launched a single two-week Humble Indie Bundle, but it has humbly grown to a store full of games and bundles. And also gaming membership service, a game publisher and others.

Why Does Humble Bundle Decide to Raise Money for Charity?

According to the company (humble Bundle), since the company began it has grown massively. And in 2010, it decided to raise money for charity and since that time, it stated that raising money for charity has been its core. Well, you can otherwise say that is something they have committed themselves to in appreciation of their growth.

With its mapped-out plan on how to make the charity support and giving work, it decided that everything sold, from bundles to store games to its humble choice membership will be given to charity.

They feature a different charity sitewide every month. By focusing its community’s efforts on one cause at a time. The impact of this work has been felt positively by all due to contributions received from the company.

How Much Has Humble Bundle Raise For Charity?

There is no centity to how much has been raised for charity by Humble Bundle as it is only known by the company. However, When you make a purchase in Humble Store, you are given the option to opt into Humbkle Rewards.

This means 10% of the net revenue from every purchase you make can be routed to your humble wallet or to a charity of your choice. You can also decide to donate that 105 to the charity of your choice or customize where you split your payment.

Is Humble Bundle Successful

For the above question, the answer is yes. The company has grown so massively to something much larger over time. And since 2010, it has released several successful bundles, including the Heal Covid-19 bundle, which raised up to 41.2 for charity.

Does Humble Bundle Actually Donate to Charity

In accordance with the company’s principles and standards, raising money for charity has always been its core since 2010. The company features a different charity sitewide every month. And giving to charity ensures that everything sold, from bundles to store games, Humble Choice membership and lots more are shared with the charity.

What is 10 to 15  Percent Humble Bundle? 

Humble bundle 10 to 15 per cent has a clear definition and meaning. The explanation is this – After you must have decided on how much you want to spend on humble bundle, you can choose to donate either 10 or 15 per cent of your purchase to charity. Also, you can decide to retain it in your Humble wallet. However, when giving to charity, most part of the money goes to publishers, but be rest assured that the company will appreciate your kind gesture.



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