Humble Bundle Subscription Drops Support for Linux and Mac

Humble Bundle Subscription Drops Support for Linux and Mac. Humble Choice subscribers Mac and Linux got bad news recently, and just as we have learned that Humble Trove will be arriving soon drop support those operating systems.

Humble Bundle Subscription Drops Support for Linux and Mac

This came as something of a shock because Humble has made a point by supporting Mac and Linux games ever since it was launched over 10 years ago. Very soon, the functionality would be something of the past thanks to the new Humble PC app, which is only available on windows.

Humble Bundle Subscription Drops Support for Linux and Mac

These new limitations would be arriving just a few days after Humble announced its upcoming changes to the Humble Choice subscription service. While Humble choice is currently offering a lot of subscription tiers, I would shift to offering just one subscription tier starting this February 1st.

The Humble Trove is a collection of games Humble Choice Members gain access to for as long as they are subscribed. Will be changing its name to the Vault with this shift, too.

On Reddit, User Shanpple8 shares a notification they received regarding Mac and Linux games currently available via Humble Trove. “We would be offering you a heads up that starting February 1, Mac and Linux versions of the DRM-free games currently in the Humble Trove would no longer be available,” The notification reads.

Humble Choice Member Offers

As a member of humble choice, you still get to download them and keep them for you to personally use until the 31 of January. The Windows PC version would be offering a lot of PC games that would be available to download in the upcoming Humble app, alongside the brand-new Humble games collection.”

It’s Potentially a frustrating moment for gamers that were drawn to Humble in the early days based on its focus on offering you support on Mac and Linux gaming. Sadly, it looks like this revamped approach to Humble Choice happens to be a Windows-centric one, just as it is the only platform to be offering the Humble app.

Humble has been found at the center of some issues recently, and last year, Humble decided to consider the pushback from fans when they actually decided to reveal that they would be dropping the charity sliders that have been available for quite some time since Humble Bundle was first launched in 2011. The sliders enabled the gamers to work on their money was divided between the developers, Humble, and charity, with the ability to put any of them to 0%.

Humble Original Plan

The original plan of Humble was to replace the sliders with a set split that is said to offer 5% of each purchase to charity, alongside the option for you to toggle a “more to charity” option to increase the percentage to 15.

The changes that were proposed did not get to the users very well, and it wasn’t long before Humble reinstated sliders in response to that pushback. In 2021, Humble decided to tweak the sliders one more, and this time adding a minimum cut for itself just to make sure that they got something out of each of the sales.


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