Disney World Reportedly Raises Prices For Tickets

Disney World reportedly raises prices for tickets. This means that your ride on Space Mountain is about to cost you and your friends a couple of more dollars.

Disney World Reportedly Raises Prices For Tickets

Disney World Reportedly Raises Prices For Tickets

Walt Disney World is now raising the prices of base tickets and most annual passes, Disney parks said Tuesday.

Disney World theme parks including Magic Kingdom, Epcot Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios starting December 8 will implement park-specific pricing on one-day tickets. And on days that are busy, magic kingdom tickets specifically will cost park-goers higher than what they are accustomed to.

Animal kingdom however will be the only park to keep its existing one-day-one-park ticket price range which is $109 – $159. The other here tickets on the other hand will cost as follows;

  • Hollywood studios: $124 – $179
  • Epcot: $114 – $179
  • Magic Kingdom: $124 – $189

However, the steep $189 pricing only will apply to tickets for the nine-day that is between the week of Christmas and New Year.

What Disney Has To Say about the Hike in Ticket Price

“We continue to focus on providing guests with the best, most memorable Disney experience, and we’re doing that by growing our theme parks with incredible new attractions and offerings,” a spokesperson from Disney told CNET in an emailed statement. The spokesperson also added that the lowest-priced $109 ticket for animal kingdom “has not changed in more than four years.”

One-day tickets also will now automate the theme park reservation of a guest from December 8 thus sparing the guests from getting to make a separate reservation themselves.

Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus tickets which are the options that allow park-goers to visit one or more theme parks per day and also to add on access to Disney World’s water parks, will be increasing its own price as well and it will vary by date. As of yet, Disney has not provided details in regard to pricing.

The Cost of Annual Passes Will Also Increase In Some Cases

The cost of annual passes also will almost increase;

  • Pixie Dust Pass: $399 (stays the same)
  • Pirate Pass: (spiked by $50)
  • Sorcerer pass: $969 (upped by $70)
  • Incredi-Pass: $1,399 (increased by $100)

The increase in tickets is coming as families are feeling the effects of inflation on everyday items such as gas and groceries.

Disneyland In Anaheim Raises Its Ticket Price In The Last Month

This is following the raising of ticket prices in the previous month by Disneyland in Anaheim. And over on the west coast, a one-day Park Hooper ticket can cost up to $244. Genie Plus which is the paid system that got to replace free fastpasses now also costs $25 per person each day at Disneyland which s an increase of $5 from its previous pricing. And at Disney World, Genie Plus ranges between $15 and $22 per person per day all depending on just how busy the day is.


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